5 Racers Who Are Predicted to Shine in MotoGP 2022: Can anyone become an icon like Valentino Rossi?


Many young racers whose performance is very fast and explosive on the track so that MotoGP does not need to worry about lack of action after Valentino Rossi’s retirement.

However, the next question is, who is a racer who has a character with ‘star power’ like The Doctor?

As is known, Valentino Rossi has changed many things in the world of motorcycle racing. Not only through his flashy achievements, but also his very easy going character. It is he who makes small children to grandmothers very happy to watch races.

Although it is almost impossible to find a racer who can exactly match Rossi’s in continuing his tracks, there are some riders who also have the potential to maintain the excitement of MotoGP both from inside and outside the track.

Who are they? Here’s the review.

1. Pecco Bagnaia
It is undeniable that Pecco Bagnaia is currently one of the most highlighted riders in MotoGP. The reason is, he is very fiercely fighting for the world title with Quartararo this season with very dominant performances in the race.

Although different in character from Valentino Rossi because he is quieter and more ‘cool’, Bagnaia finds his fan group getting wider every time.

If he is able to appear dominant in the years to come, it is possible that the circuit stands will be increasingly filled with fans.

2. Jack Miller
Jack Miller has not appeared as dominant as his tandem, Pecco Bagnaia. However, this Australian rider often gives surprises on the track.

Although this season ‘only’ achieved five podiums and two victories, he is one of the riders worth watching his progress in the years to come.

Not only that, Miller is also one of the riders who has many fans. The reason is, since he was young, the 26-year-old rider is known as an outspoken, humorous, and friendly racer, often performing attractive actions such as wheelie, nac-nac, bunnyhop, goon riding, and even stoppie.

3. Fabio Quartararo
Although he had slumped in Moto3 and Moto2, Fabio Quartararo has managed to prove that he is not a cheap rider through his success in winning the 2021 MotoGP world title, as he showed when he won the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 twice in 2013 and 2014. As a result, his talent was not in doubt.

On the other hand, this 22-year-old rider has the potential to replace Rossi’s star status because he has an outgoing and cheerful character. He also often meets and hangs out with world athletes from various sports, introducing the world of motorcycle racing to a wider range of fans.

4. Marco Bezzecchi
Like Bagnaia, Marco Bezzecchi is one of Rossi’s students at VR46 Riders Academy. Not only talented, ‘Bez’ is also often called Rossi’s twin because of their similar faces and appearances. The difference is their racing style and character. If Rossi is more subtle and storytelling, Bezzecchi is more aggressive and emotional.

Despite never being a champion, Bezzecchi has always appeared at the top when he dropped in the lighter classes. In 2018, he was third in the Moto3 standings, and this season he is sitting in the same rank in Moto2. Next season, he will move up to MotoGP with Ducati, and he is expected to be very competitive.

5. Jorge Martin
Since his arrival in Moto3, Jorge Martin’s presence in MotoGP has been eagerly awaited. This year, the Martinator finally reached the highest class with Pramac Racing and Ducati. Debutant status, he also kicked off with 4 poles, 4 podiums, and 1 win.

Martin is also an outspoken and friendly rider. He often interacts with his fans on social media, and his openness to the public has earned him the love of many. If in the coming seasons he can appear more ferocious, of course his fanbase will also be wider on MotoGP tracks.