5 Players Who Played Miserably at Chelsea, but Shine After Leaving: It sucks so much! Lukaku, De Bruyne, to Salah


The top team in the English Premier League, Chelsea , has turned into a team that has been hooked in the transfer market since the arrival of a Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich.

In the early days of his arrival to Chelsea , Abramovich was even so keen to spend money to buy players.

However, not all the players who bought Chelsea had sweet results. There are also many names whose careers have faded at the Blues.

Interestingly, some names actually shined when they left Chelsea. Who are they? Let’s scroll down to see these names.

1. Romelu Lukaku
Chelsea signed Romelu Lukaku for £17 million from Anderlecht in 2011. But the Blues have only given him the opportunity to go down ten times in the Premier League.

Unfortunately, Lukaku’s name actually shone after leaving Chelsea. From West Brom, Everton, Manchester United to Inter Milan.

Ironically, after bringing Inter Milan to the 2020/2021 scuetto, Chelsea bought Lukaku again with a transfer of 100 million pounds or 10 times the price when they first signed him in 2011.

Kevin De Bruyne
Arguably Chelsea’s biggest failure in utilizing player talent. Yes, who doesn’t know Kevin De Bruyne now.

But you know, Chelsea have squandered his talent when signing De Bruyne from Anderlecht in 2012. After only playing nine times in the first team, Chelsea sold the player to Wolfsburg in 2014.

Now De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League and has played a crucial role in Manchester City’s success in recent seasons.

3. Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah’s case at Chelsea is almost the same as that of Lukaku and De Bruyne. The Blues again failed to capitalize on his talent.

Salah’s name actually started sticking out when he had to move to the Italian League with Fiorentina and AS Roma. Liverpool then bought this Egyptian national team player.

Now Salah has tasted the Premier League and Champions League titles with Liverpool.

4. Radamel Falcao
Especially for Radamel Falcao, he actually failed not only at Chelsea but also Manchester United when he was in the Premier League.

With Chelsea, Falcao only played 12 times and scored one goal. Unfortunately, when he moved to the French League with Monaco, Falcao scored a total of 70 goals in three seasons and brought the Ligue 1 champions to beat PSG.

5. Lassana Diarra
Chelsea bought Lassana Diarra in 2005. However, after only 13 appearances with the Blues, he left for Arsenal which failed again and eventually moved to Portsmouth.

Here his career rose. His peak from Portsmouth, he left for one of Europe’s big teams, Real Madrid in January 2009.

Diarra had the status of a core player for Real Madrid for three seasons.