5 Netflix recommendations this week


1. Miss this hilarious and chaotic superpower family action? Watch the continuation of the Hargreeves family story in the third season of The Umbrella Academy which airs from 22 June

After two years of waiting, finally fans of The Umbrella Academy can soon see the continuation of the story of Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, and Viktor Hargreeves in its third season.

Successfully saving the world from the apocalypse, they do not realize that they have messed up the timeline. Finally, they also have to deal with an alternative version of the Hargreeves family that was created because of them. Well, in this third season, we will see Umbrella Academy’s exciting action “against” their alternative version called The Sparrow Academy.

2. For you animal lovers, watch the documentary The Hidden Lives of Pets which airs from June 22

The Hidden Lives of Pets is the right spectacle for those of you who like casual, funny shows, as well as adding insight, especially for those of you who have pets.

This documentary series will feature a number of pets from various worlds, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, hamsters, birds, and turtles with their various “super powers”. Some have above-average intelligence to very sensitive senses, you can see the “secret” of attracting pets in The Hidden Lives of Pets.

3. Do you like rom-com movies? Watch Love & Gelato airing from 22 June

Based on the novel of the same name by Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato tells the story of Lina who is forced to go to Italy to fulfill her mother’s last wish. Before he died, the mother asked her daughter to go to Italy to try to get to know the father who left her for sixteen years.

At first, Lina had absolutely no interest in Italy and just wanted to hurry home. However, in the end he finds exciting adventures there: a “magic” world full of art, hidden bakeries, delicious gelato, to a romance that manages to make him change his mind.

4. Curious about the story of two doctors with opposite personalities who unite in one body? Watch Ghost Doctor airing from June 23

The series, directed by Boo Seong-cheol, features Rain and Kim Bum as two doctors with completely different personalities.

Cha Young-min (Rain) is a genius doctor who is so skilled, but arrogant and selfish. On the other hand , Go Seung-tak (Kim Bum) is a doctor who is good in theory, but tends to be careless in practice, especially because he is afraid of blood. Once upon a time, Young-min was involved in an unusual case and eventually his soul was separated from his body and instead united with Seung-tak.

5. Miss Rowan Atkinson’s hilarious acts? Watch his latest comedy series, Man vs Bee , which airs from 24 June.

For you fans of Mr. Bean, don’t miss the comedy series Man vs Bee. You see, the series, starring the legendary actor Rowan Atkinson, will present hilarious humor that is ready to make the audience laugh out loud.

As the title suggests, Man vs Bee tells the story of a housekeeper, Trevor, who ends up messing up the house due to a bee. Although it has a premise that is quite simple and absurd, Atkinson’s hilarious and ridiculous action as Trevor in fighting the bees is certainly ready to be entertainment on the weekend.