5 Movies You Can Watch Streaming February 2022


Nowadays, the means of watching movies is not only limited to cinema media. Especially during a pandemic like now. Streaming service providers are competing to present quality movies that are easily accessible to viewers at home.

In February, various streaming platforms have prepared some interesting titles that you can watch. Various genres, the five films below are ready to add to your excitement in February.

KIMI (HBO Max, 10 Februari)
After last year’s No Sudden Move , Steven Soderbergh is back working on his newest thriller , KIMI . The filmmaker cast Zoë Kravitz as the main character. Selina Kyle or Catwoman in The Batman (2022) plays a tech worker with agoraphobia named Angela Childs.

The film focuses on Angela Childs‘ efforts to face her greatest fear of finding evidence of a crime. Not only that, the woman also has to face the bureaucratic system that prevents her from revealing the truth. Did it work? Catch Zoë Kravitz in action in KIMI this coming February 10 on HBO Max.

I Want You Back (Prime Video, 11 Februari)
Welcoming Valentine’s Day, Amazon Studios has prepared a romantic comedy entitled I Want You Back . This film has Charlie Day and Jenny Slate in the main roles. For comedy fans, of course, these two names are familiar.

Yes, Charlie Day and Jenny Slate are known for their ability to shake the stomach of the audience through the sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Parks and Recreation . Guaranteed, their appearance in I Want You Back will make you both excited and laughing. So getting impatient, right?

Love and Leashes (Netflix, 11 Februari)
Netflix also doesn’t want to lose in terms of making the audience baper. On the same day, SNSD’s Seohyun’s latest film, entitled Love and Leashes , is also ready to entertain Korean cinema fans. The film itself is an adaptation of a webtoon entitled Moral Sense ( The Sensual M ) by Winter.

In Love and Leashes , Seohyun co-starred with Lee Jun Young, a member of the boy band U-KISS. They both play the role of a couple who have a unique sexual taste. What is their chemistry in the film like? In order not to be curious, you must watch Love and Leashes on February 11th on Netflix.

The Worst Person in the World (KlikFilm, 15 Februari)
Need an anti- mainstream romantic comedy intake ? The Worst Person in the World directed by Joachim Trier can be the right choice. This film tells the ups and downs of Julie’s character (Renate Reinsve) in finding her identity. Divided into chapters , The Worst Person in the World highlights Julie’s struggles in various aspects of her life, including romance.

Even though it has a simple premise, it is said that the storyline of this film is difficult to predict, you know. No wonder The Worst Person in the World competed at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Unmitigated, Renate Reinsve’s performance as Julie was successfully rewarded with the Best Actress trophy . How are you interested in watching it?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Netflix, 18 Februari)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most awaited films of horror fans this year. This sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) was produced by Fede lvarez and Rodo Sayagues. Having worked on Evil Dead (2013), of course they understand how to make the audience shudder in horror through brutal gore scenes.

Netflix has Sarah Yarkin ( Happy Death Day 2 U ) and Elsie Fisher ( Eighth Grade ) in the lead roles. Playing the role of brother and sister, they must face the sadistic and unforgiving Leatherface. Watch their fight for survival in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on February 18th on Netflix. Ready?

Well, now you’ve got a recommendation for a film that will air in February 2022. Don’t forget to note the date so you don’t miss it, OK?