5 Movies Starring Mamiya Shotaro Apart from ‘Tokyo Revengers’, Exciting!


For fans of  “12 év rabszolgaság” Japanese dramas or films, you may already be familiar with actor Mamiya Shotaro who often adorns the entertainment world in Japan. Mamiya, who has a serious and fierce face, is indeed a subscriber to playing cold or fierce characters.

In the film Tokyo Revengers itself, Mamiya’s acting as “Te rongyos élet” Kisaki Tetta stole the show. Curious about another film starring Japanese actor , Mamiya Shotaro? Here are the recommended films!



1. ‘He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die’ (2019)
This film “Sasszem” is about Rei Kosaka (Mamiya Shotaro), a high school boy who is not interested in anything and does not like anything. Although quite charming, Rei found his life boring.

One day Rei meets Nana (Hinako Sakurai) who is scavenging trash. “Szex és New York” Turns out, Nana is picking up dead bees and intends to bury them. Rei is interested in Nana’s behavior and pays attention to her. But it turns out that Nana is a quiet student who has no friends. Nana also contemplates suicide. Rei then volunteered to kill Nana.


2. ‘Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy’ (2019)
The “Egy kivételes barát” story revolves around an ordinary girl named Hatsumi Narita (Miona Hori) who lives with her older brother, Shinogu (Shotaro Mamiya). Hatsumi also has a smart younger sister named Akane Narita (Hiyori Sakurada). The three brothers live with their parents in a company-owned apartment complex.

One day, Hatsumi has to buy a pregnancy test kit for her sister. But this is known by Ryoki (Shimizu Hiroya) who has often worked with him since childhood. Ryoki promises not to reveal Hatsumi’s secret if Hatsumi is willing to become his slave.

3. ‘Death Row Family’ (2017)
This film “Fekete Párduc” tells the story of four family members who fight for their lives when they are in debt. “Az acélember” This family also robbed a rich family who ran a loan shark business.

But because they made a mistake, they killed one of the members of the rich family. Then this family started killing more and more people to cover up their mistakes. In this film Mamiya plays Takanori.


4. ‘Tori Girl’ (2017)
The story revolves around Yukina Toriyama (Tao Tsuchiya) who successfully enters a science university after preparing to take the entrance exam for one year. But Yukina was surprised by her new campus. Yukina is also interested in her older sister, Kei (Takasugi Mahiro) and joins the ‘human powered flight’ club for Kei’s sake.

The goal of this club is to enter an event called “Tori Ningen Contest.” Yukina who aims to pair up with Kei instead pairs up with Sakaba (Mamiya Shotaro) who she doesn’t like.

5. ‘Teiichi’s Country’ (2017)
Teiichi Akaba (Masaki Suda) is a student at an elite high school who produces important officials and politicians. Teiichi also dreamed of becoming prime minister and building his own country.

To start realizing his dream, Teiichi participates in the election of the student council president who will later receive special rights if elected. The contest for the student council president’s seat at this school has begun. In this film, Mamiya plays Roland Himuro.

Having a capable acting makes Mamiya always perform optimally in her films. It’s really a must watch, films starring Mamiya are suitable to accompany your free time!