5 Movies and Dramas Playing The Beauty Inside in 2022, Did You Know?


The Beauty Inside is a drama that was released in 2018. This drama stars a series of top Korean artists from Seo Hyun Jin to Lee Min Ki. The Beauty Inside tells the story of a person who changes form once a month and the change lasts for a week.

In 2022, the cast of The Beauty Inside is back with their latest projects ranging from dramas to films. Curious what the title is? Come on, see the review here. Let’s check this out !

Why Her? – Seo Hyun Jin
The first drama was Why Her? which tells the story of a talented lawyer named Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin). He is a lawyer at South Korea’s best law firm. But due to an incident, his success must collapse and make him demoted to become an assistant professor at a law university.

There is also Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop) a law student who has a warm heart and good personality. He has painful memories of the past. Until the moment she meets Oh Soo Jae, her feelings begin to grow into love.

Cassiopeia – Seo Hyun Jin
In addition to his comeback in dramas, Seo Hyun Jin is also involved in a film project called Cassiopeia . He will compete acting with Ahn Sung Ki and Joo Ye Rim. This film tells the dynamics of a lawyer’s life. Soo Jin (Seo Hyun Jin) is a successful lawyer.

His father, In Woo (Ahn Sung Ki) and his daughter, played by Joo Ye Rim, are the only closest family members. Soo Jin always tries to live a good life at home and at work. But unexpectedly he gets into trouble which puts him in a strange situation.

My Liberation Diary – Lee Min Ki
Lee Min Ki will return with his new drama, My Liberation Diary . This drama tells the story of three brothers and a stranger who try to escape from their suffocating life. Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Ki) is always looked down upon by his family, which makes him try to leave the house.

Meanwhile, Yeom Mi Jung (Kim Ji Won) tries to escape from her boring life. Actually he is a closed and shy person but always feels lonely. Son Suk Ku and Lee El are also involved in this drama.

Island – Lee Da Hee
The fourth drama is Island , which tells the story of three people in fighting evil who are trying to destroy the world. Ban (Kim Nam Gil) was raised to protect the world. Won Mi Ho (Lee Da Hee) is the daughter of a chaebol family who is sent to Jeju Island to become a teacher, she is also involved in a haunted case.

Meanwhile, John (Cha Eun Woo) is a priest who performs an exorcism to destroy evil. Finally, there is Gungtan (Sung Joon) who has the same mission as Ban, but because of an incident he turns against Ban.

Kill Heel – Moon Ji In
The last drama is Kill Heel which tells about the fierce competition in the home shopping world . Kill Heel centers on three people, namely Woo Hyun (Kim Ha Neul) a home shopping show host with good predicate. Ki Mo Lan (Lee Hye Young) the vice president of UNI Home Shopping who doesn’t let anything go wrong.

There’s also Bae Ok Sun (Kim Sung Ryoung) who is a respected high-end UNI Home Shopping host. In this drama, Moon Ji In plays Sung Woo, a lawyer at UNI Home Shopping.

If you are a fan of the drama The Beauty Inside , you must be really looking forward to their comeback project . The dramas and films they play have various genres, from romance to action . So , which one are you interested in watching first?