5 Movie Facts Fantastic Beast 3: The Secrets of Dumbledore


The Fantastic “A tolvajok hadserege” Beasts film series has just released information about its newest sequel. Through the title, Fantastic Beasts seems to be focusing on the figure of Dumbledore. Especially, “Dune” in relation to the mysteries in Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows .

This “Venom 2” news opens up several possibilities regarding the series of stories of this magical world. Summarizing from several sources, here are the facts that can be found from this new title.


1. Surprising to make Dumbledore the main concern
Örökkévalók” The journey of the Fantastic Beasts story has indeed opened up the possibility of this Albus Dumbledore figure. In the previous film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald , Albus and his secret sister, Aurelius, were raised. Well, there is some speculation about how the story of Albus will be carried out later.

Quoting Polygon , it could be that Albus Dumbledore did know “Gyilkos Halloween” the existence of Aurelius as his younger brother. However, another possibility speculated that this Aurelius was a member of Dumbledore’s secret family. Another possibility is that Aurelius wasn’t actually Dumbledore’s family but for the sake of preserving the whole Harry Potter saga.


2. Can answer Harry Potter puzzles
Harry Potter finds out something with Albus Dumbledore’s past in Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallow . Harry already knew that Albus had a crush on the charismatic young Grindelwald. Their closeness caused a split in the Dumbledore family. “Elkxrtuk” This is also what prevents Albus from fighting Grindelwald, because of his strong affection.


3. Scheduled release sooner
Addams Family 2” Previously, the third Fantastic Beasts was scheduled for release on July 15 next year. However, in the latest upload there is a date change. Along with the opening of the “Nincs idő meghalni” Fantastic Beasts sequel title , Warner Bros. also said it would advance the release date to April 15, 2022.


4. The third film is projected to be further away from the figure of Newt Scamander
Newt Scamander is described “Hibás Ron” as the opening act of this story. Newt is a magiszoologist who studies creatures in the magical world. However, since the second film this film began to mention Albus Dumbledore even more.

What’s more, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the third film will allude to many of Dumbledore’s stories. This third film is also projected to focus more on the gay story of Albus Dumbledore. “Az utolsó párbaj” Previously, the second Fantastic Beasts came under fire from fans over the film’s portrayal of homophobia.



5. Johnny Depp has left Fantastic Beasts
Johnny Depp is being pressured by “Utolsó éjszaka a Sohóban” Fantastic Beasts fans to leave the franchise in 2020. The fan reason is Johnny Depp’s problems with his ex-partner, Amber Heard. Finally, Warner Bros. decided to replace Johnny with Mads Mikkelsen to become Grindelwald. According to a close source, Mads’ selection was a direct recommendation from the director, David Yates.

Here are the facts from Fantastic Beasts: The Secret of Dumbledore . Are you looking forward to watching the latest Fantastic Beasts movie ?