5 Most Horrible Serial Killer Characters in Anime JoJo


As a series that has run for four seasons, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has featured many different villains and with different crimes and motives. Meanwhile, one of the most terrible villains in this series is a serial killer.

There are several villains in this series who enjoy killing other people just for fun. Well, here are five of the most terrifying serial killer characters in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series . Curious who the characters are ? Check out the following reviews.

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1. Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage is the main antagonist in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable series . Since childhood, Kira already has a disorder because he is very obsessed with women’s hands. Therefore, Kira becomes a serial killer because he wants to live in peace with the hands of the woman he killed.

Kira has been a killer, even since he hasn’t gotten a Stand yet. After possessing the Killer Queen, Kira becomes a terrible serial killer who terrorizes the citizens of Morioh. Killer Queen’s ability is also very helpful in killing someone. This stand allows Kira to blow up anything he touches to ashes. With this ability, Kira can kill anyone without leaving any traces so that he is never caught.

2. Cioccolata
Recognized by Diavolo himself, Cioccolata is the most trashy human the world has ever seen. Cioccolata itself is one of Diavolo’s subordinates who are members of Passione. Prior to joining Passione, Cioccolata was a doctor who lost his job because he was accused of malpractice.

However, it seems that Cioccolata deliberately kills his patients just because he is obsessed with human expressions of despair. Somehow, Cioccolata has a partner named Secco, his former patient who will do whatever Cioccolata tells him to do.

3. Risotto Nero
Just like Cioccolata, Risotto Nero is also a member of Passione. Risotto works as a leader in the Assassin Team. As an assassin, of course, how many lives he had taken.

Risotto also has a Stand that really supports his work, namely Metallica. This stand has the ability to convert iron in one’s body into sharp objects. In other words, Risotto can insert sharp objects, such as scissors, razors, and nails, without even touching the person.

In addition, Risotto can also become invisible by manipulating the iron in his body. With this kind of strength, Risotto even almost managed to defeat Doppio and Diavolo.

4. J Geil
J Geil is one of Dio Brando’s men sent to kill the Joestar Group and the son of Dio’s advisor, Enya Geil. J Geil was the reason why Polnareff joined the Joestar Group because J Geil had raped and killed Polnareff’s sister, Sherry.

J Geil himself once said that Sherry was not his first victim so it was certain that he was a terrible serial killer. Although J Geil’s Stand is quite difficult to handle, Polnareff is finally able to get his revenge against this killer of his sister.

5. Diavolo
Diavolo is the boss of Italy’s largest mafia group, Passione, and the main antagonist in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind series . To keep him safe, Diavolo always keeps his identity a secret and only certain people know who he is.

Diavolo never hesitates to kill anyone who tries to find out his identity. In fact, Diavolo will also kill people who accidentally see something that can be a clue to reveal his identity. Even more terrible, Diavolo also tried to kill his own daughter because his daughter was considered to be able to reveal her identity.

These are the five most terrifying serial killers in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series . Who do you think is the most terrible killer among the five serial killers above?