5 Moon Knight Personalities


1. Marc Spector

Marc Spector is arguably the basic or original personality of the Moon Knight. Since he was young, Marc has been part of the navy army so that he has combat skills that are difficult to match. In fact, in the comics, Marc has fought and drawn with Frank Castle aka The Punisher who is famous for being vicious. After quitting being a marine, Marc went on to become a mercenary.

One day, Marc must face Raoul Bushman, a mercenary who is more sadistic. As a result, Marc was dying and almost died. However, he is brought to a statue of Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God who finally offers Marc to come back to life in exchange for him having to work to eradicate evil for the Moon God. From there, Marc became the figure of the Moon Knight.

2.Steven Grant

One of the personalities that has been shown through the Moon Knight trailer released by Marvel is Steven Grant, a wealthy businessman. His wealth was obtained from Marc’s work as a mercenary and was combined with a number of investment businesses that Steven had invested. You could say, Steven is similar to the figure of “Bruce Wayne” from DC.

Of course, being a vigilante at night working for the Moon God Khonshu does cost a lot of money. Starting from the costumes, weapons, to the advanced technology used, of course, it’s not cheap.

Well, this is where Steven Grant’s personality as a billionaire is needed. Steven is also the figure most often used by Moon Knight to face public events, such as gala events or dinners for the elite.

3. Jake Lockley

To eradicate crime, of course, information about criminals is needed. Well, this is where Moon Knight’s “alter ego” as Jake Lockley is needed. Jake is a smart taxi driver. He takes advantage of this personality to dig up as much information as possible. Jake also has plenty of contact informants who can give him details of story pieces that can then be put together for clues.

Interestingly, Jake’s personality can hide secrets from Marc. In the comics, Jake even had a family and had a daughter without Marc knowing. Even so, Jake’s personality is very much needed for the Moon Knight figure because he can provide detailed information about the criminals who are the targets of the vigilante.

4. Mr. Knight

Not all Moon Knight alter egos appear like ordinary citizens. One of Moon Knight’s unique personalities is Mr. Knights. This alter ego is arguably the most recent identity. Mr. Knight was first introduced in 2014 through the comic series Moon Knight by Warren Ellis.

In an all-white mask and formal attire, Mr. Knight acts like a detective who becomes a “consultant” for the police. Despite having combat skills, Mr. Knight doesn’t use gadgets and weapons much like Moon Knight to help fight crime. Almost similar to Daredevil, Mr. Knights prefer to use wooden sticks against their enemies.

5. Moon Knight

Moon Knight is arguably the most powerful personality. Imagine, the wealth of Steven Grant, all the information that Jake Lockley collected, and the combat skills that Marc Spector had were combined and utilized by Moon Knight. Possessing a variety of sophisticated gadgets and weapons, this vigilante figure in white robes is also often juxtaposed with Batman.

The difference is, Moon Knight has supernatural powers thanks to Khonshu. He can see in the dark, can talk to astral beings, and can also obtain powers and healing from the moon. As a character known to be brutal and painless, Moon Knight has become one of the most feared vigilantes in New York.