5 Members of Hunting Dogs Bungou Stray Dogs, Any Traitors?


The anime series Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 begins presenting a new arc entitled ‘Dogs Hunt Dogs’. In this arc , the Armed Detective Agency will go through a tough hurdle, where they must find a way to clear the agency’s name from accusations of being a terrorist.

Apart from Fyodor Dostoevsky and other members of the Decay of the Angel, the Armed Detective Agency also has to deal with a special unit called ‘Hunting Dogs’. Who are they? Come on, get to know the 5 members of Hunting Dogs Bungou Stray Dogs through the following discussion!

Basic information about Hunting Dogs
5 Members of Hunting Dogs Bungou Stray Dogs, Any Traitors?Hunting Dogs (dok. Bones/ Bungou Stray Dogs)
Hunting Dogs is a special and strongest unit in the military police. This A-rated unit or division is also known as Mad Dogs. The strongest unit working under this government is tasked with capturing dangerous ability users who use these abilities for criminal acts.

Hunting Dogs are known for never losing during their career. In fact, they are often asked for help by other countries. That is, Hunting Dogs has been widely known even internationally.

Who are the five members of Hunting Dogs Bungou Stray Dogs?

The Bungou Stray Dogs Hunting Dogs special unit is filled with members who are considered ‘odd’. The reason was none other than their extremely powerful special abilities. Not only that, each of its members also has an eccentric personality that is characteristic.

When first introduced, Hunting Dogs appears with four members including the commander and deputy commander. It is also said that no one knows who and where the fifth member is. Who are they?

1. Ouchi Fukuchi
The first member is Ouchi Fukuchi. He is the Commander or Captain of Hunting Dogs. Fukuchi’s ability is Mirror Lion (in the anime called ‘Lion Dance’), which gives him the freedom to strengthen any weapon Fukuchi uses up to 100 times.

However, there is another side that is hidden by the eccentric, arrogant, and sometimes charismatic figure of Fukuchi. Fukuchi is actually the leader of the terrorist group Decay of the Angel, known as Kamui. That is, Fukuchi is the main enemy that must be defeated by the Armed Detective Agency.

Not only that, Fukuchi was once a close friend of Fukuzawa, President of the Armed Detective Agency. As a result of different views on life, Fukuchi became hostile to Fukuzawa.

Why did Fukuchi join the terrorist group? How did he infiltrate the military section of the government? What’s the point?

2. Teruko Oukura
Next, there is Teruko Oukura who is the Deputy Captain of Hunting Dogs. The owner of the Gasp of the Soul ability (in the anime it is called Soul’s Gasp) is a petite female figure who is very obsessed with the captain, Fukuchi.

Gasp of the Soul gives Teruko the freedom to manipulate the age of the target she touches. Usually, Teruko’s abilities are used for interrogation purposes using indirect torture methods.

So, don’t be fooled by Teruko’s cute little body! You see, Teruko is originally very emotional, arrogant, and sadistic.

3.Saigiku Jouno
Saigiku Jouno is a member of the Hunting Dogs who has an ability called Priceless Tears (called ‘Weight in Tears’ in the anime). With this ability, Jouno can manipulate his body size into small particles, which can even pass through the cracks of doors. It is also said that it is impossible to destroy these particles with weapons.

Jouno is the only member of the Hunting Dogs who is able to act calm. However, behind the calm that was shown, he was actually harboring great anger. When interrogating his target, Jouno will show a frightening sadistic side.

Jouno is also a reliable tracker. By maximizing the function of his five senses, Jouno is able to track or know the position of an object by feeling the whereabouts of its target through the ground.

4. Tetchou Suehiro
The next member of Hunting Dogs is Tetchou Suehiro. Tetchou is the owner of the Plum Blossoms in Snow ability. Tetchou’s ability allows him to manipulate the size and shape of the sword he uses.

Tetchou is the member who shows the most seriousness in work and is considered the strongest member physically. Even though he’s serious, there are still some ridiculous things about Tetchou, for example, Tetchou tends to eat boiled eggs complete with their shells.

Not only Teruko and Jo

uno are trusted to carry out the interrogation, Tetchou also has expertise in this matter. In fact, Tetchou had a natural talent for negotiating. So, if Teruko and Jouno used torture and threats to extract information, then Tetchou prioritized communication methods.

5. Michizou Tachihara
Feel something wrong with the name Michizou Tachihara? Don’t worry, you didn’t read it wrong. Tachihara was the last member of the Hunting Dogs. However, all this time he had a special mission as a spy, so he had to infiltrate and disguise himself as a member of the Port Mafia.

The Tachihara that fans have known so far is Commander Black Lizard. His special ability is Midwinter Memento, which allows Tachihara to manipulate metals.

Furthermore, Tachihara turned into a spy for Ougai Mori, the leader of the Port Mafia. It was then that Tachihara realized that there was something wrong with the figure of Fukuchi, the Commander of the Hunting Dogs.