5 Marvel Universe Characters Graduated from the World’s Top Campuses, Very cool!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU ) has always succeeded in attracting public attention. Especially after the huge success with Avenger End Game, the MCU doesn’t just stop there. The MCU is back with the latest films and series. Recently the MCU released the Spiderman movie No Way Home.
The MCU also has smart characters. With the intelligence of these figures, they can defeat the enemies.

Detikers, do you know that the MCU superhero is actually a graduate of the world’s top colleges? Which campus do you think? Check out the following explanation quoted from Marvel Fandom and the Schoters Instagram account :

1. Tony Stark Iron Man – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Did you know that Tony Stark graduated from MIT.

According to the Marvel comics, Stark is described as a genius. He won two master’s degrees at the age of 19. Not only that, Stark also has doctorate degrees in engineering physics and artificial intelligence.

It’s not surprising, right, why Stark is the smartest character in the MCU.

2. Bruce studied Nuclear Physics at Desert State University (a university created by MCU) and then moved to Harvard University and Pennsylvania State University.

After that, Bruce earned his doctorate in nuclear physics from Caltech. Another impressive thing, he also has seven PhD degrees.

3. King of Wakanda T’Challa also completed his education at the world’s top university, the University of Oxford. T’Challa is also pursuing a PhD in physics at the University of Oxford.

Not only that, Black Panther also studied engineering, economics, political science, and psychology. No wonder why he managed to lead Wakanda well and wisely.

4. Matt Murdock Daredevil – Columbia University and Harvard University
The next MCU figure to study at the world’s top university is Daredevil. Daredevil is a superhero who works as a blind lawyer who has a high sense of justice.

Daredevil is known to be a graduate of the Ivy League campus. In addition, he also received bachelor’s degrees from Columbia University and Harvard University.

5. Stephen Strange Doctor Strange
Before becoming a Marvel superhero, Stephen Strange was a surgeon in New York City. He studied medicine at Columbia University in New York which is the best university in the world.

Amazingly, Strange earned his degree in record time and had a five-year residency at the New York Hospital.

That’s the MCU figure who has studied at the world’s top campuses.