5 lessons from Venice’s draw against Juventus: Champions League Sayonara?


Juventus again reached less than the maximum results in advanced Serie A . This time they were held to a draw by the promotion team, Venezia .

In this 17th giornata, Juventus travel to Venice. They are trying to continue the trend of two consecutive wins that they have achieved recently.

But in this match Juventus threw away two points. After they were held to a draw by the hosts with a score of 1-1.

In this match, there are several things that Juventus can learn so that they can perform better for the rest of the season. What are they? Read more below.

Bad End Solution
In this match, Juventus should be able to come out victorious. Because they actually made quite a lot of chances in this match.

The Old Lady recorded 20 shots in this match. But only six shots were on target in this match. If they can maximize the opportunities that exist, they can bring home the three points from this match.

Drop Performance in Second Half
Juventus can actually be said to play well in the first half. They were quite dominant in the first half and often made Venice difficult.

But in the second half their performance began to decline. They seemed unable to keep up with Venice’s game and as a result the hosts managed to equalize and threaten their goal throughout the second half.

Venezia Jos
In this match, Venice deserves more appreciation. Because they did not play passively from the start of the game.

In the first half they served the game attacking Juventus. They also did not give up when Juventus took the lead in this match.

The masterpiece of their performance occurred in the second half. They are really a real threat to Juventus, and the Old Lady are lucky not to lose this match.

Allegri Doesn’t Have a Plan B
Massimliano Allegri also had a stake in Juventus’ draw in this match. Because the manager doesn’t have a plan B in this match.

This is seen in the second half. When Juventus was pressured by Venezia, the manager was unable to provide direction so that his team would get out of that pressure.

Some of the substitutions he made were also ineffective. So the Old Lady failed to pick up points in this match.

Big Four
One harsh reality that Juventus fans may have to face next season is not seeing their team play in the Champions League. Because so far Juventus’ performance is far from optimal.

Inconsistency since the start of the season combined with injuries makes Juventus’ points acquisition very minimal at this time. They are now six points behind Atalanta, and this gap has the potential to widen to nine points as Atalanta have yet to play.

If you see this negative trend, Juventus will find it difficult to secure a ticket to the UCL. Considering the teams in the top four performed much more consistently than them.

Juventus need to make a quick response, such as bringing in some new players in January. If they rely on the current players, things will be very difficult for them.