5 Lessons from Chelsea’s draw: Out of stock, Failed to win, Blunt striker


Chelsea could only draw 0-0 with Wolverhampton in the 2021/22 Premier League duel, Sunday (12/19/2021). This result is quite bad for Thomas Tuchel’s men.

The Blues have struggled in recent weeks. Tuchel has lost many of his core players through injury and due to Covid-19.

In this match Chelsea experienced the same problem. They only have 17 players to play, 11 on the field, the remaining 6 on the bench.

Chelsea’s game on the pitch was also fairly bad, especially in the first half. They were lucky enough not to concede in the first 45 minutes.

Chelsea tried to increase the tempo of the attack in the second half, but it still looks like their game is not optimal. The draw this time also left 5 important lessons. What the hell?

1. Player out
Chelsea played without some core players in this match. They don’t even have a striker because of injuries to Timo Werner, Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz.

Tuchel appointed Christian Pulisic to fill the striker’s position in this match, but it is clear that Pulisic is struggling to become the main spearhead. Chelsea’s chances are also fairly minimal.

With the absence of so many important players, it is natural that Tuchel has difficulty determining the right formation and strategy to win the game.

2. Draw again, farther away
A draw is bad for Chelsea, especially in the current conditions. The last few weeks have been difficult, the Blues lost the throne, and are now in decline.

Chelsea stuck in third place standings with 38 points from 18 matches. The difference in points with Manchester City is getting wider to 6 points.

Even though the season is still long, the difference of 6 points could be a big difference if it is not immediately pursued.

3. Clean sheets
Despite failing to win, there is at least one positive thing from Chelsea’s draw this time. Finally, goalkeeper Edouard Mendy returned to a clean sheet, aka not conceded.

Chelsea has long been known as one of the teams with the best defensive qualities. However, the team’s difficulties in the last few weeks have had a bad impact on the back line.

Noted, this is Chelsea’s first clean sheet after seven consecutive games conceded. This non-stop record should be a valuable asset.

4. Blunt without striker
It’s still a matter of an incomplete squad. Tuchel is clearly struggling to maintain the quality of his team after losing many important players.

Chelsea may still be able to cope with the absence of two to three main players. However, it is clear they will be distraught when every striker must be absent.

Lukaku and Werner are still the focus of Chelsea’s goals this season. Unfortunately, Tuchel couldn’t bring down Havertz, who had tested positive for Covid-19. Without a striker, Chelsea have no solution to score goals.

5. Tuchel is stubborn?
In the midst of the absence of many important players who have been the engine of the team’s game, Tuchel still insists on playing the 3-4-3 formation that has become Chelsea’s mainstay this season. Of course this tactic does not work optimally.

So far, Chelsea has depended a lot on Jorginho. Now Jorginho was forced to miss and as a result Tuchel’s 3-4-3 tactic did not work well.

Surprisingly, Tuchel did not try to change Chelsea’s formation or style of play. He should have tried to find a solution to take advantage of the existing players.