5 Latest Thai Drama Recommendations, Korean Drama Remake Results


Korean drama has become one of the hallmarks of the country of Ginseng, South Korea. In addition to the interesting storyline, the visuals of the players, to the soundtrack also managed to make the audience like it. So it’s not surprising that many Korean dramas have been remake by several countries, one of which is Thailand.

Several titles that were remake into Thai dramas also reaped a lot of success. Like Korean dramas that have characteristics, Thai dramas always add characteristics to each drama. Here are five of the latest Thai dramas which are remakes of Korean dramas. Do you have a favourite?

Boys Over Flowers – F4 Thailand : Boys Over Flowers
Who doesn’t know the popular drama Boys Over Flower? This adaptation of the Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango , tells the story of an ordinary girl and 4 children from the upper class, known as F4. Suddenly the ordinary girl gets into conflict with the head of F4 and finally the two fall in love.

Because of the interesting storyline, this drama has always been successfully made in various versions, including Thailand. The drama, entitled F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers , managed to steal the audience’s attention in its first episode on December 18, 2021 and is currently still airing on the GMMTV television channel. This drama is confirmed to end with 16 episodes.

Hello Monster – Remember You
The Korean drama with the thriller genre , played by Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum, has become one of the popular dramas that Thailand has remake again. Tells the story of a famous detective who is looking for his sister who was kidnapped by a psychopath.

In the remake of the Thai drama Remember You , Petch Paopetch will play a detective and Tay Tawan will play Petch’s younger brother. This drama is still fairly new, because it first aired on August 16, 2021 to October 5, 2021 with a total of 16 episodes.

W : Two Worlds – Switch On
This Switch On drama has just aired its last episode on February 5, 2022 in the 24th episode. If you are a lover of Korean dramas, then you must be aware that the storyline is very similar to the popular Korean drama W:Two Worlds .

It turns out that this Thai drama is indeed adapted from a Korean drama starring Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk. The difference is that in Korean dramas, the fantasy world is in a webtoon comic titled W , while in the Thai drama Switch On , the fantasy world is in a virtual game called “Better World” .

She Was Pretty – Me Always You
She Was Pretty tells the story of a woman who used to be charming, but when she grows up she becomes less attractive. One day he is reunited with his old friend who used to be stocky, but is now a successful and handsome man.

Meanwhile , Me Always You presents a similar storyline but is seasoned with a typical Thai comedy style, this is highly recommended to watch. Besides the light story, the audience will also be made to laugh, cry, and be happy with this Thai drama. This romantic comedy genre drama has just finished in November 2021.

Let’s Eat – Let’s Eat Thailand
Let’s Eat is one of the most popular Korean dramas. Even because of its popularity, this drama was successfully made into 3 seasons in South Korea, you know. Have you watched it yet?

Because of this, Thailand is again doing a remake with the same title. If the Korean version of Let’s Eat is an old drama from 2013, while the Thai version will only air in April 2021. But just like the original version, Let’s Eat Thailand also serves a lot of various kinds of food. During the 16 episodes, the audience can know the typical Thai food that can arouse the taste buds.

Well, those were the five latest Thai dramas that were remakes of Korean dramas. Don’t forget to note the title, OK, guys. So that you can watch it at me time later. For you, do you prefer the Korean version or the remake ?