5 Latest Netflix Korean Dramas and Movies Release Showtimes


At the global fan meeting event titled ‘TUDUM‘ which was held at the end of September 2021, Netflix announced several broadcast schedules for its Korean dramas and films .

Although not all dramas and films have been announced in detail along with the release date, the certainty of the broadcast of some of these works has successfully satisfied fans who have been waiting for a long time.

Curious about what dramas and films are there? Immediately, here is a row of Korean dramas and films produced by Netflix that will soon air in the near future.


1. Hellbound (November 19, 2021)
Produced by the director of the phenomenal film Train to Busan, the drama Hellbound is set in the human world facing a terrifying supernatural phenomenon, namely messengers from hell who appear on Earth without warning and curse people to go to hell.

Hellbound has premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and is the first Korean drama to air at the major festival. This festival has taken place from September 9 to September 18, 2021. The play has also been invited to the 26th Busan International Film Festival and the 65th BFI London Film Festival.

Starring Yoo Ah In, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Jung Min, to Won Jin Ah,   is ready to be released globally on Netflix on November 19, 2021.


2. The Silent Sea (December 2021)
The Silent Sea is a Netflix Korean drama produced by famous South Korean actor, Jung Woo Sung. Starring a row of top artists such as Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon, this drama is planned to air in December with a total of 8 episodes. The story of this drama is an expansion of the short film of the same name by director Choi Hang Yong.

The Silent Sea is a science-fiction thriller drama set in the year 2075. At that time, desertification had left the earth short of food and water. Han Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo), a soldier for the space agency, and Song Ji An (Bae Doona) are finally selected for a team to travel to the moon. Their mission is to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station.

Although there is no official release date, Netflix has confirmed that The Silent Sea will premiere in December 2021.


3. Juvenile Justice (January 2022)
Juvenile Justice is a Netflix original Korean drama with the law-crime genre that will tell the story of Shin Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo), a judge who hates teenagers because he was a victim of juvenile crime in his youth.

One day, he was transferred to the local juvenile court. Inevitably, he must face various cases involving teenagers and finally discover what it means to be an adult.

Director Hong Jong Chan, who has worked on the dramas Live Up to Your Name and Life, will convey a message about society’s neglect of the increasing severity of juvenile delinquency through Juvenile Justice . Starring Kim Hye Soo, Kim Moo Yeol, and Lee Sung Min, this drama is set to premiere globally on Netflix in January 2022.

4. All of Us Are Dead (January 2022)
All of Us Are Dead is a Korean drama adapted from a webtoon of the same name that is ready to be released globally on Netflix in January 2022. This drama will tell an extreme situation that occurs when a high school is infected with a zombie virus. People outside then try to save the students trapped in the school.

The drama will also depict the souls of people who struggle to the end to survive in confined spaces, as well as human nature that secretly emerges when forced into dire situations. All of Us Are Dead will star young artists such as Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Ho, and Cho Yi Hyun.

5. Love and Leashes (February 2022)
Film Love and leashes will tell the story of an unconventional romance between a man with a unique taste and women who inadvertently discovered his secret.

In this film, Seohyun of the girl group Girls Generation will play Jung Ji Woo, a public relations employee. Jung Ji Woo has an unfriendly appearance but is actually warm-hearted.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Young will take on the role of Jung Ji Hoo, a man who excels in every task assigned to him. At work, Jung Ji Hoo is outspoken, cold, straight, but adored by his female co-workers. One day, Jung Ji Woo who has feelings for Jung Ji Hoo accidentally exposes Jung Ji Hoo’s sexual fetish .

What is their next story? Film Love and leashes can be seen in the upcoming Netflix in February 2022.

Well, that’s a row of Korean dramas and movies that will soon be airing on Netflix . Which ones, here, will be on your watch list ?