5 Korean Dramas in the Romantic Comedy genre that are hilarious!


Dali and Cocky Prince this week is entering its peak episode. The drama, starring Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Yeong, which has a romance-comedy genre , is very funny, so that it invites laughter from the audience.

Korean dramas with the romance-comedy genre have indeed become one of the dramas that the audience is interested in. For those of you who still need entertainment on the weekends, here’s a synopsis of Korean dramas that will air in 2021 with a similar genre.


1. Dali and Cocky Prince
Jin Moo Hak (Kim Min Jae) is the youngest son of the family that owns the franchise company Dondon F&B. The company started as a small restaurant Gamjatang.

Moo Hak’s character in this drama is a man who is not broad-minded, but has good abilities in managing a business. Meanwhile, Kim Da Li, played by Park Gyu Young, is a visiting researcher and director of an art gallery who is the only child from a prestigious family.

Kim Da Li’s character is described as being able to master seven foreign languages ​​and has an elegant personality, but is not good at business, cooking, or taking care of himself. The two are brought together as creditors and debtors who change their status to comedy couples. Guaranteed to make both of them laugh, deh!


2. Yumi’s Cells
This drama is an adaptation webtoon in Naver Yumi’s Cells work of Lee Dong Gun. For those who don’t know, this drama tells the story of Yu Mi, an ordinary working woman with a single status.

Yu Mi’s character in this drama is described as not good at expressing her feelings. Through simple and romantic relationships as well as with his work, he is successful in finding happiness in his daily life.

Similar to the story in the webtoon, the cells in Yu Mi’s brain represent various emotions, such as love, sadness, disappointment, and rationality. The cell works actively when Yu Mi faces various problems. The animation of Yu Mi’s cell makes you excited because it’s so cute.


3. One The Woman
Jo Yeon Joo, played by Lee Honey, is a prosecutor who gets dragged into a case and makes him lose his memory. Suddenly, this woman starts life as Kang Mi Na who comes from a prestigious family and looks very much like Jo Yeon Joo.

Meanwhile, Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon), is a man from a conglomerate family who has not been able to forget his first love. Coincidentally, Seung Wook meets Jo Yeon Joo who is still losing her memory. The excitement and humor of Lee Honey’s acting in this drama will entertain your weekend .

4. Monthly Magazine Home
Has worked for 10 years, but still haven’t bought a house of his own and currently only lives in a monthly rental house. However, Na Young Won (Jung So Min) really takes care of her rental house like her own.

For him, the house seemed to reflect his personality and emotions. Things change when the new owner of his house, Yoo Ja Sung (actor Kim Ji Suk) appears in his life.

Yoo Ja Sung is the CEO of Monthly House magazine . For him, home is only a place of rest and media that can lead him to wealth.

Since childhood, Ja Sung grew up poor and has a mindset that to become rich can be obtained by investing in real estate. The funny moments between Young Won and the landlord in this drama are guaranteed to be hilarious.

5. Vincenzo
This drama synopsis tells the story of Park Joo Hyeong at a young age who went to Italy when he was adopted. When growing up, Joo Hyeong changed his name to Vincenzo Cassano, the character played by Song Joong Ki.

Vincenzo is a lawyer who works for a mafia group. During the war between the mafia, he fled to South Korea.

At that time, this man begins to get involved with Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin), a lawyer who will try his best to win the case. At that time, Vincenzo Cassano fell in love with Hong’s lawyer. The romantic moments wrapped in comedy from this couple will make the audience even more excited!

The interesting thing about the drama above is not only showing romance and comedy, but there is also conflict as an additional spice that will make you not bored while watching. Of the five dramas, which one have you watched?