5 Korean Drama Theories That Are Really Mind Blowing, You Must Know


Korean dramas with the thriller genre are usually very attached to theories made by fans, including The Glory which left a lot of mystery in its first part.

Fans often speculate and interconnect the series of events in order to find the truth which can only be answered if the second part has aired. But these theories that are not necessarily true are still fun to follow.

For those of you who have followed the story in part 1, here are some theories about The Glory that you need to know. The theories below are summarized from the opinions of netizens.

1. Assistant Park Yeon Jin

If you still remember, there was a woman who worked at Jae Joon’s boutique shop as an employee who often got the camera’s attention. He also appears as an assistant to Yeon Jin and looks at him strangely several times.

The woman whose name is unknown also once passed and saw Dong Eun with a look like someone who knew her. From the theory circulating, the woman was allegedly Gyeong Ran who was also a victim of bullying by Yeon Jin Cs and had the same intention of revenge as Dong Eun.

2. The source of Park Yeon Jin’s family wealth from illegal prostitution

The theory circulating about Yeon Jin’s family wealth is that it comes from an illegal prostitution business under the guise of a fake shaman run by Yeon Jin’s mother. This theory arose because netizens considered that Yeon Jin’s mother was often in the area where the shaman’s practice was frequented by the female patient. Netizens also speculate that Yeon Jin’s mother runs this business in a dirty way with her police colleagues so that the law doesn’t stop her.

3. Park Yeon Jin is his mother’s mistress

Netizens suspect that Yeon Jin’s biological father is policeman Shin Yeong Jun, a friend of Yeon Jin’s mother in high school. This theory emerged after Yeon Jin said that his father and mother divorced because his mother had an affair with the police. Netizens also associate this with karma, considering that Yeon Jin’s child, Ha Ye Sol, is not Ha Do Young’s biological child, but the son of his best friend, Jae Joon.

4. Reasons to be Horrified Yeo Jeong Likes the Sound of Vitamins Dissolving in Water

The next terrible theory is that the reason Yeo Jeong likes the ‘cessss’ sound of vitamins being dissolved in water is because the sound resembles the sound of blood pouring from the neck. Netizens associate this theory with the psychopathic spawn of Yeo Jeong who has a big grudge and wants to kill the perpetrator who killed her father, even though she knows that doing so is against her oath as a doctor.

5. The Mystery of the Trumpet Flower in The Glory Poster

Not to forget, the posters of each character released by Netflix are also not spared from the theories made by netizens. If you pay attention, The Glory’s character poster consists of two different types, namely white trumpet flowers blooming and wilted golden brown trumpet flowers.

The poster which has a white trumpet flower blooming is allegedly going to be on Dong Eun’s side, this is confirmed by a photo of the solid cast looking down. On the side of the blooming white trumpet flower poster, you can see Dong Eun, Joo Yeo Jeong, Kang Hyun Nam, and Ha Do Young. While the wilted brown trumpet flower poster is filled by Yeon Jin Cs with an upward gaze.

But there is one interesting detail from the photo, even though Ha Do Young has a white trumpet flower, in the poster the condition of the flower actually looks wilted. There are also netizens who think that Do Young might become a victim of Dong Eun and Yeon Jin’s feud.

Those are a series of fan theories about The Glory, don’t forget to watch the second part in March.

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