5 K-pop male idols who passed auditions with the help of their mothers


A mother’s role and support is very important for her child’s future. This is evident from many of her K-pop idols trying to audition thanks to her mother’s support. Surprisingly, thanks to this simple thing, they can become successful public figures.

Idol mothers often know about their child’s talents and potential for success. The idols who got permission to audition by fate make their debut and become famous. Want to know what the story is like? Come on, look!
1. SHINee’s Taemin
Taemin revealed through the Escape Cult Show at 2:00 in 2017 that she passed an open audition hosted by SM Entertainment when she was 13 years old. At that time, his mother promised to stop studying at the academy if he passed the audition, so he did it.

Taemin said he used to want to play rather than study at the academy.As a result, his mother also knows he likes dancing, so the idol is willing to go to the audition. is. He was grateful that he was able to escape after trying.
2. Jay Park
In his 2011 Taxi program, Jay Park said his family played an important role in his singing career. His mother recognized his talent and encouraged him to audition until he finished his trainee period.

Jay Park also struggled a lot during his training period thanks to the support of his extended family. He admitted that he would be embarrassed to face his mother if he gave up on his debut and returned to America. That’s why he doesn’t want to give up his debut.
3. TVXQ’s Changmin
On the Kee-Drop Guru show in 2011, Changmin said he never dreamed of becoming a singer. However, SM Entertainment staff saw him playing badminton in gym class. After school, the girl gave him a business card for an audition.

Max Changmin told his mother about the incident, who admires SM Entertainment’s solo artist BoA and wants to meet him. Therefore, his mother encouraged him to audition. After following him, he was declared approved just three days after auditioning.
4. Wooseok UP10TION
Wooseok talked about auditioning in an interview with W Korea in 2021. He had realistic thoughts until he realized he hated his studies and decided to drop out of school.

Since then, the idol wanted to fulfill another wish to make him and his mother happy.His mother didn’t want her son’s talent to go to waste, so she went to Seoul to audition. I supported him by telling him to challenge

Shai Wooseok was hesitant to leave, but he worked up the courage to qualify as a trainee. She often struggled with her dance practice and during her training she felt she could not become a singer.

She was about to give up, but she was happy when she became a backup dancer for Teen Top and her cheers went up. Since then, he has worked hard to make his debut.

5. Heechul from Super Junior
Via the 2019 show My Little Old Boy, Heechul’s mother opened up about why she allowed her son to audition. He admitted that he let it slip because Heechul had an easy life. He wanted to see his son struggling to become an idol.

In one attempt, Heechul managed to pass an audition at SM Entertainment.In fact, he also only intended to have fun while he was in Seoul until he was about 50 minutes late. He said he was happy to hear that

Her mother’s decision led to unexpected success for the K-pop idol. Other times, after an audition is granted, he goes through a rigorous training period to make himself look proud.