5 Interesting Facts about Jung Ho Yuen Debut in Survival Series, Squid Game


Jung Ho Yuen is the real name of the actor Kang Sae Byeok in the series entitled Squid Game. Kang Sae Byeok is told in this series that he is tough and more reserved. Having a background in living on the streets, Sae Byeok has a special skill to pickpocket with his main weapon is a knife.

Due to the crush of the economy, Sae Byeok is forced to follow this deadly game. However, he must be eliminated before successfully completing the game. And what makes this game terrible is that getting eliminated is the same as dying.

However, Jung Ho Yuen was able to attract attention with his success in playing the character Sae Byeok considering that this was his first time acting in front of the small screen.

And here are five interesting facts about Jung Ho Yuen.


1. Starting his Entertainment career in modeling
Apparently, Jung Ho Yuen started his career in the entertainment world as a model. This woman born in 1994, started modeling at the age of 16 as an independent model at Seoul Fashion Week. His career grew after he joined one of the Esteem Models agencies.

Under the auspices of Esteem Models, Jung Ho Yuen was able to become the runner-up of Korea’s Next Top Model Season 4. After this achievement, Jung Ho Yuen’s face immediately adorned various well-known magazines, such as Vogue Girl, Marie Claire, and Nylon.

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2. Included in the World’s Top Model
He was considered successful in Asia after participating in Korea’s Next Top Model Season 4. Jung Ho Yuen then continued his career on the international stage. She joined the International modeling agency Nomad Management and worked with well-known brands, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.

Jung Ho Yeon’s face is selling well in various well-known magazines. Because of this, he was nominated for ‘Top Newcomer’ and ‘Model of the Year’ by Model.com. And in 2019, he was selected as the Star Award in Model at the Asia Model Festival in Seoul.


3. Debut acting in front of the small screen in the Squid Game series
Despite being successful in the modeling world, she is trying to develop her career in acting which she has longed for since childhood. And this Squid Game is the first film to be played by playing Kang Sae Byeok.

Even though this was his debut, he managed to play a role that made his fans love him even more. And this is what Jung Ho Yuen’s name is getting to know in the entertainment world.


4. Close friends with Jannie BLACK PINK
On one occasion, Jannie visited the set of Squid Game. It was done to provide support to Jung Ho Yuen who is a close friend. Not only visiting, Jannie sent a coffee truck to the shooting location.

And their friendship was even more visible after Jung Ho Yuen shared a cute photo with Jannie on his official Instagram page. Seen, they are on a white mattress on the Squid Game set while posing for two-finger peace . And write a caption using two love and fairy emoticons.

5. Dating Lee Dong-hwi for a long time
Jung Ho Yuen is the lover of Reply 1988 actor, Lee Dong-hwi. For a long time, they have been in a relationship since 2016 after Lee Dong Hwi’s agency, Shim Entertainment, confirmed the relationship openly through the media.

Not only as an actor, Lee Dong-hwi is also an advertising model for a local Korean brand, namely Puma Korea. And another interesting fact, the age of the two is 9 years apart. However, Lee Dong-hwi always keeps his appearance on various occasions. Which is possible, that was the reason why Jung Ho Yuen was captivated by her.

And that’s five interesting facts about Kang Sae Byeok in the drama Squid Game. Success and pride, it is possible that there will be many offers to play in the next acting world. Will Jung Ho Yoen’s success continue in the next season of Squid Game?