5 Healthy Lifestyles to Prevent Depression According to Experts


Depression is a medical disorder that negatively affects a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior. In severe cases, depression can lead to self-harm and death.

Clinical psychologist and Director of Personal Growth Ratih Ibrahim gave some tips on prevention and treatment of depression in the discussion, Saturday (10/9/2022). He explained that the prevention and treatment of depression can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle.

1. Physical Health
5 Healthy Lifestyles to Prevent Depression According to Experts Illustration of Omega-3 Rich Foods (unsplash.com/CA Creative)

Ratih explained, nutrition plays an important role in people with depression. Diet and nutrients obtained from food can improve mental health. One of the best foods to treat depression is omega-3.

Good sources of omega-3s include marine fish, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, leafy vegetables, and cod liver oil.

Adequate rest, along with 8 hours of sleep a day, is also important in dealing with depression.

Regular exercise also improves mental health, including dealing with anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Research has shown that people who engage in regular physical activity (30 minutes a day) are less likely to develop depression.

“That’s why we need to take our diet and nutrition seriously. Sometimes we want to be thin, but when we want to be thin, poor nutrition makes us feel bad,” explained Ratih.

2. Cognitive Health
5 healthy lifestyle habits to prevent depression according to experts (unsplash.com/camilo jimenez)
From a cognitive perspective, one way to overcome depression is to instill a growth mindset. These thoughts include:

Dare to accept challenges.
Learn from criticism and input.
Develop your talents and intelligence.
Keep trying and never give up.
Survive when you fail.
Inspired by the success of others.
Willing to learn from failure.
“Your mindset creates reality, so keep your growth mindset positive and realistic, so you can reject bad thoughts,” says Ratih.

3. The Importance of Keeping Emotions
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5 Healthy Lifestyle Treatments to Prevent Depression According to Experts (unsplash.com/[email protected])
Emotionally, Ratih suggested starting self-care. This means giving yourself the space to release repressed negative emotions in a healthy way. You can find out how you feel by writing in a journal, speaking positively to yourself, or practicing mindfulness.

Maintaining emotions can also be done by consulting a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist. Counseling is available even if you don’t have a serious mental health problem. Consulting a professional can help prevent and maintain a person’s mental health.

4. Practice positive behavior
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Another way to deal with and prevent depression is to be positive. Ratih explains that doing something fun that you enjoy can improve your mental health.

In addition, increased intellectual activity has a positive effect on mental health. This includes:

Play puzzles.
read a book.
Watch educational films.
painting or other artistic activities.
Learn foreign languages.
Do activities that you have never done before.

5. Social Life Affects Mental Health
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According to Ratih, social aspects play an important role in overcoming depression. He explains that people who interact face-to-face and with other people tend to have lower stress levels. Social distancing is a major risk factor for depression, according to a study in the journal PLOS One.

In addition, good relationships with family members can control behavior, strengthen adaptive behavior, and improve life skills. It affects a better quality of life and improves mental health.

Depression can be prevented by instilling a healthy lifestyle. Consulting a clinical psychologist can also help you maintain mental health. If you are feeling depressed, ask the people closest to you for help.