5 Forbidden marriages with our flowery youths; Romantic similarities.

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Recently, the Korean drama Our Blooming Youth has captured the attention of Drakor lovers after it aired on February 6, 2023. This drama combines Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee as the main couple.

Our Blooming Youth tells the story of a crown prince who meets a woman who flees the kingdom after receiving a mysterious curse. This drama is similar to Forbidden Marriage which aired in 2022.

What are the similarities between these two dragons? come on Check out our similarities between Blooming Youth and Forbidden Marriage below.

1. Both are sageuk Korean dramas in the romantic genre.

Blooming Youth has been added to our list of the latest 2023 Korean sageuk dramas in the Romance genre. The plot of this drama revolves around two main characters who both face misfortune. But due to bad luck, Lee Hwan (Park Hyung Sik) and Min Jae Yi (Jeon So Nee) become closer.

On the other hand, the plot of The Forbidden Marriage centers on Ye So Rang (Park Ji Hyun), a sly con artist who is forbidden to marry under the leadership of King Lee Heon (Kim Young Dae). Who would have thought that So Rang and King Lee Heon would be entwined in a romantic love affair due to the ban on marriage in the Joseon era.

2. Both brides failed to marry.

Our Blooming Youth and Forbidden Marriage are implicitly similar in storylines. This is because both of these dramas begin their story with the main female character’s marriage failure.

In the drama Our Blooming Youth, Min Jae Yi’s character failed to marry Lee Hwan’s best friend Han Sung On (Yun Jong Seok). He fled after being accused of being the main cause of the death of his family members.

Meanwhile, in the drama The Forbidden Marriage, So Rang fails with the king’s best friend Lee Heon and Lee Shin Won (Kim Woo Seok). This failure was due to Soran’s status as a fugitive and the ban on marriage during the Joseon era.

3. The main male character is haunted by the past.

In the dramas Our Blooming Youth and The Forbidden Marriage, the past trauma of the two main male characters is the central theme of the story. Crown Prince Lee Hwan and King Lee Heon both have deep wounds.

that’s all, The most striking difference between the traumas of the two main male characters in these different dramas is the past events. Crown Prince Li Huang had to swallow a bitter pill due to a mysterious curse that caused one of his hands to not function properly. Not to mention that Lee Hwan is always inundated with cryptic messages that make him stunning.

On the other hand, Lee Hong’s peace has been disturbed for 7 years because he is always haunted by the queen who died in an unnatural way. The main reason for Queen Lee Heon’s death was that King Lee Heon was forbidden to marry for his own people.

4. Solve mysteries related to death.

Our Blooming Youth presents a mysterious case involving the death of Min Jae Yi’s family member. Not only solves the mysterious case of death that makes Jae Yi really suspect. Also in this drama, Lee Hwan struggles to find a solution to the mysterious curse he suffered.

In addition to the prohibition of marriage, The Forbidden Marriage also combines the mysterious case of the queen’s unnatural death with the issue of the kidnapping of young women. Although they both solve the mysteries of death, The storylines of these two sageuk dramas have different characteristics.

5. There is a love triangle between the main characters.

In the drama Our Blooming Youth, Min Jae Yi’s character should work as husband and wife with Crown Prince Lee Hwan’s best friend Han Sung On. However, fate has other plans and Jae Yi must risk her life as she leaves her future husband and flees the country.

Like Our Blooming Youth in The Forbidden Marriage; So Rang should marry King Lee Heon’s best friend Lee Shin Won. However, their marriage to So Rang, a runaway stepfather, failed due to a marriage ban.

Ye So Rang and Min Jae Yi should marry the main male character’s best friend. The spices of the love triangle between the main character who befriends the secondary character and DrakorNo wonder it has a special place in people’s hearts.

How do the similarities between these two romantic sageuk dramas appeal to everyone? For those who want to watch the drama Our Blooming Youth or watch the exciting moments in The Forbidden Marriage, you can watch it live on Prime Video now. Watch and enjoy.