5 Facts about the Moon Knight Series, Marvel’s Latest Superhero


Starting early 2022, Marvel is ready to launch their latest work, Moon Knight . After years of waiting, fans finally get certainty when this one story can begin to be witnessed.

Actor Oscar Isaac lined up as the main character who plays a character with Steven, a man with a severe mental disorder. So far not much official information has been revealed. However, loyal Marvel fans who are observant can certainly get a lot of clues from the trailer that has been released.

Here are five facts about the latest Marvel series , Moon Knight . The trailer is intriguing!

Steven and his mental disorder
Moon Knight ‘s story focuses on Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) who has a mental disorder. So far, Steven seems to have two personalities, namely Steven who is a geeky museum clerk and another personality called “Marc“.

Not only that, Steven also suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID), which makes him often hallucinate. This situation is made worse by the fact that Steven also has trouble sleeping. In fact, it was so bad that Steven needed someone else’s help to wake him up. This sleep disorder makes it difficult for Steven to distinguish when he is awake and when he is in a dream.

Steven’s Transformation into Moon Knight
Interestingly, the Moon Knight trailer seems to imply that this series does not provide details of the origin of the new Marvel superhero. It seems, from the start, one of Steven’s personalities named Marc was indeed the embodiment of Moon Knight. Unfortunately Marc is not aware of it because Steven’s personality is in control.

In this series , it seems that there will be many flashback scenes showing how and why Marc realized that he is the Moon Knight. Well, what will happen to Steven in the future, huh?

Set in London
From the trailer, it is clear that the Moon Knight series is set in the City of London. Even so, it looks like Steven will travel to various places in the world, one of which is Egypt.

This isn’t the first time London has been filmed for a Marvel movie. Other MCU films set in this beautiful city include Thor: The Dark World (2011) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019).

The emergence of Ethan Hawke as a sect leader
Senior actor Ethan Hawke has finally joined the Marvel universe as a character named Arthur Harrow. There is no official information about the character that Ethan Hawke plays. However, if you follow the information from the comics, Arthur is a genius scientist who likes to run crazy and dangerous experiments.

However, from the trailer that has aired, Arthur is not only a scientist, but also the leader of a sect that many people follow. From the cutscenes and dialogue in the trailer , it is likely that Arthur and his followers have a secret plan for Moon Knight.

Release March 30th on Disney+
For those of you who are really curious about the latest Marvel series , please be patient, okay? Just like other Marvel television series, Moon Knight will premiere on the Disney+ platform starting March 30, 2022.

2022 seems to be a year full of surprises for Marvel fans . Moon Knight itself will be the gateway to Marvel’s hegemony in 2022.

Save the broadcast date and don’t miss it! Two months is not too long, really!