5 Facts about Olaf Presents, Olaf Relives the Legendary Disney Movie


Olaf from Frozen has his own spin-off ! Not in the form of a film that tells the figure of Olaf, but a miniseries in which Olaf parodies famous Disney films. Olaf comes with a monologue as if to give the audience a summary of the story he is playing.

A witty and very Olaf appearance. Remembering the figure of Olaf being the ice-breaker in the Frozen story. No matter how tense the situation is, Olaf is always there to lighten the mood. IDN Times had the opportunity to take part in the press conference of Olaf’s miniseries on Wednesday (11/3/2021). The following is the story behind Olaf’s story, which releases laughter and lightens the atmosphere.


1. Josh Gad loves being able to bring Olaf to life and reminisce about Disney classics
Josh Gad is the voice of Olaf. The actor who also acted in Pixels (2015) and Beauty and the Beast (2017) admitted that playing Olaf and being able to reminisce about his childhood memories was a valuable opportunity.

“Revisiting memories from a film is a joy. More specifically, films that are close to me personally. I live in the second wave of Disney Animation’s golden age. I remember watching The Little Mermaid in theaters and feeling like ‘What is this? Why? feels like Broadway on screen?'” Josh recalled.

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2. Olaf Presents is a platform for playing and exploring Disney classics
Josh Gad said he was happy to star in this series. He can relive the memories of his idol, Robin Williams, through a monologue in the film Aladdin. In addition, the producer of this series, Jennifer Newfield also said that this project is like having fun.

“By being able to play it, I think that this is the theme of the whole production. Let’s play . I also think that our collaborative efforts are indeed going like that. Then, we know that we can take liberties, which sometimes can’t especially in animation projects, ‘ explained Jennifer.

3. Become a tribute project to Disney’s legendary films
Olaf Presents features Olaf creating and retelling Disney’s legendary films. This opportunity is a place to pay homage or tribute to the films that have raised the name of Disney Animation. Moreover, the creators of this series had to dig deeper into these films and adapt them into short two-minute animations.

“Like what Josh mentioned. I used to be blown away by Disney animations, like Aladdin. I used to see Aladdin eight times in theaters. Tribute to those films for being Disney’s inspirational works and having the opportunity to tell the story. replay through Olaf in a way that is easier for children to digest and enjoy,” said Hyrum Osmond, director of Olaf Presents .


4. A new challenge to adapt the story so that children can still enjoy it
As Hyrum has stated above, Olaf Present tries to bring back classic Disney films in a package that is easier for children to digest. As it turned out, telling a comedy complete with the scary side that existed from the old films was a challenge for Hyrum.

Because these films are basically not films whose main purpose is for children. For example, can the children understand Scar’s betrayal of Mufasa well?

“One thing that’s interesting about this project is that we don’t just talk about the inspiration for this series. However, we are also asked to package it not too seriously. This is freedom that benefits us. Especially when we tell it through the character of Olaf, who is pure and naive like Olaf,” said Hyrum.


5. Olaf is growing through Olaf Presents
Josh Gad felt that playing in Olaf Presents allowed him to understand the development of Olaf’s character who grew up in the Frozen story . For the first time, Olaf appears as a newborn character and is full of questions. Then, Olaf becomes more mature in Frozen 2 with an existence crisis in Olaf.

I think it’s important to keep it interesting and dynamic so that the audience doesn’t feel like they’re seeing the same thing over and over again. That’s a new dimension and innovation from Olaf,” said Josh. .

Olaf’s story can be watched through the streaming service , Disney+. Are you ready to witness Olaf’s cuteness through this miniseries?