5 Facts about Netflix’s Doku Schumacher Movie, Praised by Ralf Schumacher, you know!


Last week, on September 15, Netflix officially released a docu called Schumacher . As the name implies, this film tells the journey of the career of a Formula 1 racing legend Michael Schumacher and his post-retirement life from the racing event.

After a week after it was first released, the documentary dedicated to the former Ferrari driver received praise. One of them came from Michael Schumacher’s younger brother, Ralf Schumacher.

1. The documentary film ‘Schumacher’ received full support from Michael’s family and friends
The documentary film ‘Schumacher’ was made with the full support of the family of the owner of the seven world titles. This is shown by the willingness of Michael Schumacher’s wife, Corinna, and their two children, Mick Schumacher and Gina-Marie Schumacher to be interviewed for the purposes of making the film.

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Not only that, the film also features footage that has never been published by any party before. This trailer deals with Michael Schumacher’s personal and professional life. Everything can be raised also thanks to the support from relatives, as well as important people in the Formula 1 championship.

2. Ralf Schumacher lauds the producers of a documentary about his older brother
Ralf Schumacher who was also active in a similar event from 1997 to 2007 gave an impression on the documentary film ‘Schumacher’. He praised the film producer who was able to package his brother’s life story very well, even though his appearances in films were quite limited.

“There were many years when I wasn’t involved. There’s definitely more and that’s a very long time. But, I think it (the film) is done very well, at least in the realm of motorsport and sport.”

“There are also many private views, which also comes from a family, especially from Michael’s children and their mothers. I thought it was really nice, very open”, said Ralf reported f1i .

3. Ralf and Michael Schumacher once got extraordinary attention when actively racing in Formula 1
Ralf Schumacher also remembers when he and his brother were actively racing in Formula 1. The man from Germany admitted that the media attention was so great for them both. Ralf also feels less free when traveling, because of the large media spotlight.

“We are as famous as Helmut Kohl (former Chancellor of Germany). You can’t go anywhere. There are many tabloid journalists. The same happened to me.

4. Ralf Schumacher recalls the memory of being together with Michael Schumacher
Furthermore, Ralf also recalled the memory of his togetherness with Michael Schumacher. Despite having a 6 year age difference, the two have a good relationship, especially with regard to the world of racing. In fact, Michael helped Ralf when he first tried karting.

“He worked with me, right when I started. That’s very helpful. We practice overtaking. Then, in Formula 1 there is a bit of a difference, but it’s really interesting there too.”

“We had a great childhood. We spent a lot of time together. We were looking forward to winter when the kart tracks closed and we had a lot of time for ourselves. It was an amazing moment,” said Ralf, quoted by PlanetF1 .

5. Michael Schumacher’s life story and career released by Netflix
Now, Michael Schumacher is still recovering from a head injury he suffered while skiing in Meribel, France in December 2013. The family is still trying their best so that his condition gets better.

If you want to look back on the journey of the Formula 1 legend and the views of those closest to him, you can watch the documentary titled ‘Schumacher’. Happy watching, yes!