5 Facts about Lightyear Movie, the Anticipated Toy Story Spinoff


On October 27th, Pixar unveiled a teaser for the film Lightyear. The film gives long-awaited fans a chance to get a glimpse into the background of the Space Ranger’s life.

Not surprisingly, since the teaser was released, Lightyear has become a hot topic of conversation on social media. Many are amazed and can’t wait to watch it. However, there are also those who wonder, because this film features a different Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise .

To help answer your curiosity, here are five new facts from the Lightyear film . This film will be released next year, you know!


1. Disney and Pixar’s first spinoff
Despite years of being a part of Disney, Lightyear is the first spinoff Pixar has produced with Disney. In fact, so far they have produced successful film franchises , such as Monsters University and Toy Story.

Actually, there is one Pixar film that also has a spinoff, namely Planes (2013) which is a spinoff of the Cars series . Unfortunately, Disney instead entrusted the film to be animated by Disneytoon instead of Pixar itself.

2. Tells about Buzz’s adventures in space
Along with the release of the teaser , Disney and Pixar also provided a synopsis of the film. Based on the synopsis, Lightyear is a sci-fi action-adventure film that tells the story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the creation of the Space Ranger toy in the Toy Story films .

From the teaser also shown, Buzz as an astronaut who is preparing to launch into space. On the other hand there is also a woman named Hawthorne who looks worried about Buzz’s journey.

Despite that, Buzz didn’t hesitate to explore the universe. In fact, he explores a world where aliens live with his unique cat robot, ERIC


3. Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear
Lightyear provides a bit of a surprise. Buzz’s voice actors aren’t the same people from the Toy Story franchise . If the Toy Story Buzz starred Tim Allen, this time Chris Evan took over.

This news took fans by surprise because they didn’t expect that Pixar would prefer a new voice actor over taking Tim Allen. Apart from the pros and cons, judging by the teaser , it seems Chris Evans is also able to bring Buzz’s character to life.


4. The teaser is watched more than 83 million times in a day
Fan enthusiasm can be seen from the launch of the first teaser . Lightyear’s teaser achieved more than 83 million views in a day, making it the teaser with the highest number of views post-pandemic.

Previously, this record was held by Marvel’s Eternals (2021), which earned 77 million views in 24 hours. Are you one of those 83 million viewers?

5. Scheduled to air June 22, 2022
Although it has been highly anticipated, in fact Lightyear will only air in the middle of next year, you know. Precisely on June 22, 2022 and will be shown through theaters. Wow, still quite a while, huh? You have to be patient a little bit, here!

The appearance of Lightyear has attracted attention, even since the first teaser was released. Are you interested in watching Buzz Lightyear’s original story? We look forward to the release next year, OK!