5 Facts about KV Mechelen, the Sandy Walsh Club Called Nowhere by Haruna Soemitro


PSSI Exco member, Haruna Soemitro , made a number of controversial statements in an interview with JPNN . One of them is when referring to Sandy Walsh ‘s club , KV Mechelen , as a club in the middle of nowhere.

Sandy Walsh is a figure who is included in the list of players who will be naturalized by PSSI to defend the Indonesian national team. Since the 2020/2021 season, the 26-year-old has defended KV Mechelen.

” Say sorry , for example Sandy Walsh. Even though he plays in a European club, what club is nowhere there, but once he gets the national team label, his value will skyrocket tremendously,” Haruna said on YouTube JPNN.COM .

KV Mechelen is one of the clubs participating in the Jupiler Pro League or the highest caste competition in Belgium. So, is it true that KV Mechelen is a club in the middle of nowhere like Haruna said?

Check out interesting facts about KV Mechelen below, Bolaneters :

Once Winners Cup Winners
The last time KV Mechelen won was in 2018/2019 ago. At that time, they won two titles at once, namely the champion of the Belgian Second Division (League 2) and the Belgian Cup.

Meanwhile, in the past, they had quite an impressive record of achievement. KV Mechelen has four Jupiler Pro League titles (last season 1988/1989). In fact, they have triumphed at the European level.

KV Mechelen won the 1988 Cup Winners’ Cup. In the final, they won 1-0 over Ajax Amsterdam through Piet de Boer’s goal.

Ever won the European Super Cup
As Cup Winners’ Cup champion, KV Mechelen played for the European Super Cup (now UEFA Super Cup). They met the winners of the 1988 Champions League season, PSV Eindhoven. The final will be held on a two-legged system.

In the first leg in Siegfried Kirschen, East Germany, KV Mechelen won with a score of 3-0. KV Mechelen’s goals were scored by John Bosman and Pascal de Wilde. Meanwhile, in the second leg at Philips Stadium, KV Mechelen only lost 1-0.

KV Mechelen has quite a lot of titles at domestic level. Meanwhile, at the European level, there are two titles that have been achieved.

Ever Involved Match Fixing
KV Mechelen were relegated in the 2017/2018 season. They won with a score of 2-0 from Waasland-Beveren in the last match. But, lost on goal difference to rival club, Eupen.

Apparently, there was a match fixing attempt in the match. KV Mechelen reportedly bribed opposing team players and officials. KV Mechelen was found guilty. They, who were supposed to be promoted to the Jupiler Pro League, were given a one-year ban from the competition.

In the 2018/2019 season, KV Mechelen won the ‘League 2’ and Belgian Cup. However, the match fixing case in the previous season prevented them from appearing in the Europa League.

Position in the standings
The Jupiler Pro League is one of the top leagues in Europe. Referring to the coefficients released by UEFA, the competition in Belgium is in 13th place and has two representatives in the Champions League (including the play-offs). The winner of the Belgian Cup has the right to appear in the Europa League.

In the 2020/2021 season, KV Mechelen was in 8th position in the final standings of the Jupiler Pro League with 48 points. They failed to appear in the UEFA Conference League because they lost to KAA Gent in the play-offs.

In the 2021/2022 season, KV Mechelen is still strong in the middle of the standings. In week 22, KV Mechelen is in 7th position with 33 points. They still have a chance to be in the top four and displace Anderlecht (39 points).

The full name of KV Mechelen is Yellow Red Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen. Meanwhile, another name for the club that Sandy Walsh defended is FC Malinois (name in English).

The nickname of KV Mechelen is De Kakkers. In Indonesian, the nickname means Rooster. Maybe it’s related to the club logo. In addition, there is also the nickname Geel-rood which refers to the color of the jersey worn.