5 Dramas with LUCA: The Beginning in 2022, Are You Ready to Watch?


LUCA: The Beginning premiered in 2021. This drama, which carries the crime mystery genre , tells the story of a scientist’s object of research in a human form. The object is named ZO which has super strength and can turn into a monster.

In 2022, the cast of LUCA: The Beginning will return with their own dramas. What are the drama titles that became the comeback event for the cast of LUCA: The Beginning ?

The Police Station Next to the Fire Station (Kim Rae Won)
The first drama is The Police Station Next to the Fire Station which tells about the joint police operation to catch criminals. In addition, this drama will also tell the story of the firefighter in it. Kim Rae Won plays the character of Jin Ho Gae who is a detective with a high fighting spirit.

There is also Son Ho Jun who plays Bong Do Jin, a firefighter who has a cold and caring nature. Meanwhile, Gong Seung Yeon is lined up to play the character Song Seol, who is a health worker who has a warm heart.

Island (Lee Da Hee)
Island is Lee Da Hee’s comeback drama this year. He replaces Seo Yea Ji’s position, who was previously caught in a scandal. Even so, Lee Da Hee’s acting is eagerly awaited in this drama.

Island tells the story of three people who are trying to fight the evil of the devil. Ban (Kim Nam Gil) is a man who was raised to fight crime. Meanwhile, Won Mi Ho (Lee Da Hee) is the son of a chaebol family who causes trouble and is eventually exiled. There is also John (Cha Eun Woo) who is a local priest and often practices exorcism.

Ultimate Weapon Alice (Kim Sung Oh)
The third drama is Ultimate Weapon Alice , which tells the story of a mysterious transfer student named Gyeo Wool (Park Se Wan). Gyeo Wool himself is also a murderer.

In addition to Gyeo Wool there is also a figure named Yeo Reum (Song Geon Hee) who suffered past trauma. He was suddenly chased by a criminal organization.

Kim Sung Oh himself has been confirmed to be one of the actors in Ultimate Weapon Alice . This drama is Kim Sung Oh’s comeback after starring in several film titles, such as Kingmaker and The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure .

Pachinko (Jung Eun Chae)
Not to be outdone, Jung Eun Chae also became one of the actors in the drama Pachinko . This drama is also a place for his reunion with Lee Min Ho since The King: Eternal Monarch which aired in 2020.

Pachinko tells the story of the lives of four generations of Korean families in Japan. Jung Eun Cha plays a character named Choi Kyung Hee. This drama will describe how difficult it was for Koreans living in Japan at that time. They face discrimination and violence, but still have to fight for their lives.

Anna (Jung Eun Chae)
Besides Pachinko , Jung Eun Chae is also involved in the drama project Anna with Bae Suzy, Kim Joo Han, and Park Ye Young. This drama tells the story of a lie that Yu Mi (Bae Suzy) commits that changes her life. She has a husband named Ji Hun (Kim Joon Han) who is very ambitious towards his goals.

In the drama Anna , Jung Eun Chae plays a character named Hyun Joo. He was so enjoying his superior life. Hyun Joo is the type of person who has no consideration and hatred for others.

For those of you who miss the acting of LUCA: The Beginning, you can watch their new drama which is ready to air this year. The drama genres also vary from romance to mystery, you know.