5 DCEU Movies That Can Be Predicated as “Bad” on Rotten Tomatoes


5. Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) – 58%

The first solo film from the female superhero who was also part of the DCEU actually scored big on Rotten Tomatoes. Because, Wonder Woman (2017) managed to achieve a score of 93% and also received the title of “Fresh Certificate”. Unfortunately, this does not apply in the second solo film which again involves Patty Jenkins as director.

Wonder Woman 1984 only managed to get a score of 58% and also got the title “rotten”. Critics considered this film to have a very slow storyline. In addition, they also think that the conclusion of all the conflicts at the end of this film feels unsatisfactory.

Meanwhile, ordinary audiences actually don’t really hate this film because the audience score still reaches 73%. Some critics also think that the coloring and light in Wonder Woman 1984 is very pleasing to the eye which is the only positive point of the film.

4. Man of Steel (2013) – 56%

As the film that opened the DCEU universe, Man of Steel apparently received a less positive response from critics. The film which tells the origin of Superman is considered successful in describing the figure of Clark Kent. In addition, some critics also considered that Man of Steel was full of exciting action scenes, especially at the end of the film.

Unfortunately, despite the abundance of action scenes, most critics found Man of Steel to be a bland film. There are also those who call Man of Steel a good film overall, but still a bad film for Superman because of the lack of scenes that touch the origin story. Therefore, this film only gets a score of 56% on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

3. Justice League (2017) – 40%

The Justice League live action film project originally involved Zack Snyder as director. However, when the production process was almost complete, Snyder’s position as director was replaced by Joss Whedon. From here, various problems began to appear related to the film or during the re-shooting process.

With a score of only 40%, critics judged Justice League as a boring superhero film. In addition, there are also those who think that this film too makes Wonder Woman a sexual object. Not to mention a number of other controversies that occur behind the scenes that make the image of this film worse.

Ironically, Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), which was the version of Zack Snyder after his dismissal, actually received a fairly positive response. The reason is, the film, which is often called the Snyder Cut, managed to get a score of 71% which is certainly very far from Whedon’s Justice League score.

2. Batman vs Superman (2016) – 29%

Batman v Superman is the second film from the DCEU and is the first time that superheroes come together in one live action film. In addition to Batman and Superman, this film also features the figures of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, although only briefly. Then, this film also presents two main villains, namely Lex Luthor and Doomsday.

Well, the many characters that according to critics make the conflict of the story less focused. In addition, critics also considered that the storyline of this film took place in an absurd manner regardless of its duration which reached 2 and a half hours. So, it’s not surprising that BvS gets a very small score with a number that only touches 29% on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

1. Suicide Squad (2016) – 26%

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So far, Suicide Squad still holds the title as the worst rated DCEU film. Just imagine, the film which features a group of villains on a mission to save the world only gets a score of 26% on the Rotten Tomatoes website. In fact, the audience score of Suicide Squad also only touched 59%, which of course is already classified as a “rotten” film on the site.

Critics consider that Suicide Squad actually has great potential to become a good film and become a differentiator in comic adaptations. Unfortunately, according to them, the execution of the film was not optimal. As a result, Suicide Squad has become one of the most disappointing comic book adaptations.

Interestingly, the film The Suicide Squad (2021), which is the sequel, actually received a very positive response. The reason is, The Suicide Squad managed to get a score of 90% on the same site and became the third DCEU film with the best rating.