5 Cosmic Entities Appearing in Thor 4: Love and Thunder Trailer!


Thor 4, or as it’s officially titled Thor 4: Love and Thunder , is one of the MCU movies that has caught fans’ attention the most. And a few hours ago, Marvel Studios just revealed a lot of interesting things through a new trailer for the movie. One of the scenes that stole the attention was when Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) summoned her lightning bolt. Despite his amazing new powers, in the scene there is an easter egg that has confirmed the existence of cosmic entities.

Even though it only appears in the form of a statue, at least this easter egg has answered fans’ curiosity regarding who the cosmic entities are in the Marvel Universe. Without further ado, let’s discuss one by one the cosmic entities seen in the Love and Thunder trailer !

Cosmic Entity in Thor 4
This Easter egg statue of Marvel’s cosmic entities appears at 1:47 minutes in the second Thor: Love and Thunder trailer . The scene footage shows Mighty Thor standing in a dark room to summon the power of lightning using his Mjolnir. Behind it are huge pillars with a bronze statue of a cosmic entity in between. Although it is still not revealed where this scene takes place, it is clear that the shape of the statues is similar to the Living Tribunal, Uatu the Watcher, Infinity, Eon, and Death.

Living Tribunal
Starting from the statue on the far right, you can see the cosmic entity Living Tribunal which is a direct creation of the Marvel God named The One Above All. In Marvel Comics, the Living Tribunal is the cosmic entity that maintains the balance of the Marvel multiverse. Unlike other characters who usually have variants in other universes, the Living Tribunal is a single entity that can be anywhere at the same time. As the supervisor of the multiverse, the Living Tribunal can easily delete a universe that it thinks is destabilizing the Marvel Universe. Recently, the Living Tribunal also appeared as an easter egg in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Uatu the Watcher
Next to the Living Tribunal’s statue, a familiar figure appeared, it was Uatu the Watcher. Uatu is a cosmic entity from Marvel Comics that is part of the most intelligent alien race, the Watchers. Despite his mysterious purpose, Uatu is the Watcher responsible for overseeing the survival of Earth and its surroundings. Possessing supernatural powers, Uatu is able to manipulate space and time with ease. Last year, the MCU version of Uatu (Jeffrey Wright) made its debut in the animated series What If…?. In the series, he inevitably has to interfere in human affairs by forming the Guardians of the Multiverse to defeat Ultron.

The next statue at the back end on the left is Infinity. This cosmic entity from Marvel Comics is the sister of another super powerful cosmic entity called Eternity. Infinity (infinity) itself is the opposite of the cosmic entity Oblivion (void) which often devours the multiverse. With his almighty ability to manipulate everything, Infinity has a goal to protect the multiverse. In Marvel Comics, he is the one who gave the Quantum Band magic bracelet to the superhero Quasar. Interestingly, the Quantum Band itself is similar to Ms. The MCU version of Marvel that he will use in his solo series later.

Next to Infinty is an abstract statue that closely resembles a cosmic entity named Eon. Shaped like an old lump of wood, Eon is a cosmic entity that is the same age as the universe. Eight billion years ago, when the Big Bang occurred, it is said that Eon was the result of that legendary event. As Keeper of Cosmic Awareness, Eon is able to know everything that has, is, and will happen in a universe. He passed this power on to the Protectors of the Universe, such as the superheroes Captain Mar-Vell and Quasar.

Lastly, the most obvious statue on the right is none other than Death. Just like Eon, Death is a cosmic entity that was born at the same time as the universe. True to his name, he is a cosmic entity responsible for all the dead souls in the Marvel Universe. Therefore, Death himself is said to be unable to die, because all death originates and will return to him. In Marvel Comics, Thanos is a man who loves and adores Death. That’s why he was willing to wipe out all life by using the Infinity Stones just for the sake of Death.

Those are the cosmic entities that appear in the form of statues in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer. With this short easter egg , Marvel indirectly wants to introduce entities that are far more powerful than the gods in the MCU. It seems that it will be interesting if in the movie they will appear more than just statues. We’ll see on July 8th, geeks, when Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters.