5 Clubs with the Most Goals in Champions League History


The Champions League is the most elite competition at European club level. This event was first introduced in 1955 as the European Cup , before changing its name to the Champions League. As the most elite competition, this event brings together the top clubs in Europe’s top leagues.

Real Madrid became the most successful club in this event by collecting 13 titles. Not surprisingly, if the number of goals El Real in this competition is also one of the highest. The following are the 5 clubs with the most goals scored in Champions League history.


1. Real Madrid – 994 goals

Real Madrid is not only the club with the most Champions League trophies, they are also the club that has participated the most in this event. Not surprisingly, their number of goals is the highest in this event with 994 goals.

In the last match in the Champions League last weekend, Real Madrid surprisingly lost to a mediocre team, FC Sheriff with a score of 1-2. The last time Los Blancos won this event was in 2018.


2. Bayern Munich – 759 goals
In the last few seasons, Bayern Munich has always been the most fertile club in this event. This season alone they have scored 8 goals in just 2 matches, which brings their total goals in the UCL to 759 goals. They became the German club with the most Champions League titles with 6 trophies.

Incredibly, in the 2013 and 2020 editions, Die Bavarian succeeded in scoring the treble winners. This season they are favorites to win with an impressive performance at the start of this season, who are unbeaten.


3. Barcelona – 653 goals
In the last two decades, Barcelona has become one of the best clubs in the Champions League. During that time, they managed to win 4 Champions League titles in the era of Lionel Messi.

In total, the Blaugrana have collected 5 titles, and been runner-up 3 times . They are third with 653 goals.

However, this season their performance has fallen far after the departure of Lionel Messi. In two Champions League matches this season, Barcelona suffered two consecutive defeats by conceding 6 goals without scoring a single goal.


4. Manchester United – 524 goals
Manchester United is the second most successful English club in the Champions League with 3 titles and 2 runners-up positions . In total they have collected 524 goals, including two goals in a dramatic defeat of Villarreal in the middle of last week.

The last time the Red Devils made it to the final was in 2011 when they lost to Barcelona. Since Sir Alex Ferguson left, MU has experienced a drastic decline in performance. This season they are in Group F with Atalanta, Young Boys and Villarreal.

5. Juventus – 463 goals
Juventus may lose to AC Milan and Inter Milan in the number of Champions League trophies. The Bianconeri have won 2 titles, the last time they won was in 1996. But in terms of goals, they are ahead with a total of 463 goals.

This season they are restarting the transition period after Cristiano Ronaldo left. They also sacked Andrea Pirlo, and was replaced with Massimiliano Allegri, and left by Sporting Director Fabio Paratici.


That’s the row of clubs with the highest number of goals in Champions League history. Real Madrid lead by a goal difference that is quite far from its competitors. This season, these five teams also participate in the Champions League, and will certainly add to their goal collection.