5 Children of Justice League Members Who Become Superheroes!


The Justice League is one of the important pillars that makes the DC Universe from DC Comics still standing today. Founded by seven popular superheroes, including Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Flash, to this day Justice League is still active with several additional members that make this superhero team even more formidable. Interestingly, most of the Justice League members have children, and some of them have followed in their parents’ footsteps by becoming superheroes or superheroes. Here are five Justice League children who are told to become superheroes in the DC Universe!

Damian Wayne

All Robins are basically Batman children, but among them only one person has actually proven to be Bruce Wayne’s son, he is Damian Wayne. As the son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul who are part of the League of Assassins, there is no doubt that Damien can kill adults with his own power. To prevent his son from becoming a villain, Bruce then took him to Gotham City and made him Robin. In the alternative story Batman # 666, when Damian is a teenager, he is even told to be a Batman who is much more brutal than his father.

Iris ‘Irey’ West

Iris West is actually the name of Barry Allen’s wife, the second Flash in the DC Universe. However, his name is also used by the daughter of Wally West aka the third Flash. Often referred to as Irey, she was almost killed by supervillain Zoom while in the belly of her mother, Linda Park, but luckily the concept of time travel in the DC Universe has kept her alive today. As the child of the third Flash, Irey is endowed with the power of the Speed ​​Force which allows him to run extremely fast. When he was less than ten years old, he already got his own superhero costume and identity as Impulse.

Jennifer-Lynn Hayden

The woman whose real name is Jennifer-Lynn Hayden is the daughter of supervillain Thorn and the first Green Lantern superhero named Alan Scott. Born to separated parents, Jennifer was then raised by other people, until she finally met Alan again when she was a teenager. Thanks to his father, he then gains access to the Guardians of the Universe artifact which gives him super powers. Since then she has finally become a female superhero named Jade, who is similar to Green Lantern, but doesn’t need the Power Ring as a catalyst. Because he has Green Lantern DNA in his body.

Jesse Chamber

Although not as famous as Wally West and Allan Scott, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle have also joined the Justice Society of America. When they both decided to get married, in the end Liberty gave birth to a daughter named Jesse Chamber. Because he comes from superhero parents, Jesse then chooses to become a superhero as well with his father’s formula that allows him to run at super speed and has the ability to heal. For his own superhero identity he chose the name Liberty Belle after his mother.

Jon Kent

You could say Jon Kent is the son of the most famous member of the Justice League. Not only is he known as the son of Clark Kent aka Superman, but he is also predicted to be a superhero far greater than his father. As one of the children of Clark and Lois Lane, Jon developed superpowers similar to his father’s, where he has superhuman strength and can fly. With this power, he now replaces his father as the new Superman in the DC Universe, while Clark is told to go to the ends of the galaxy to save another planet that needs him.

Those are the five children of Justice League members who decided to become superheroes like their parents. Although currently they are still living their own adventures, it is not impossible that in the future they will become members of the Justice League as well. Moreover, currently DC Comics is building a story where maybe the old superheroes will be told to die one by one. It is at this point that these five Justice League children can get a chance to shine like their parents.