5 Characters Who Have Been Spider-Man Other Than Peter Parker


Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes in various parts of the world. The character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, whose real name is Peter Parker, gets his superpowers from radioactive spider bites.

Even so, Peter Parker is actually not the only Marvel character who has used the Spider-Man alter ego in the Marvel universe. In fact, some of these characters are the villains of Peter Parker as the Spider-Man.

1. Miles Morales
Miles Morales is considered to be the second most famous user of the Spider-Man identity after Peter Parker in the Marvel universe. This African-American character gets his strength from the bite of a spider like Peter Parker. However, Miles has absolutely no interest in becoming a superhero, especially in the universe, there is still Peter Parker who is Spidey.

Unfortunately, Peter who came from the Miles universe was finally killed after fighting the Green Goblin. The tragedy made Miles feel guilty because he felt that Peter would not have died if he had helped fight the Green Goblin. It was at this moment that Miles finally decided to continue Peter’s journey as Spidey and take action against the villains.

Miles Morales also appeared and became the main character of the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) . Interestingly, Miles is reportedly also appearing in live action together with Tom Holland’s version of Spidey.

2. Mac Gargan
In the comic version, Mac Gargan is more famous as Spidey’s villain named The Scorpion. However, in one of the comic versions, Mac Gargan actually acted as Spider-Man. It all started when Eddie Brock auctioned off the Venom symbiote to Marvel villains. The figure who finally managed to become the new owner of Venom is Mac Gargan.

Not long after, Gargan was recruited by Norman Osborn, who at that time was forming the Dark Avengers group. Seeing Gargan’s new powers, Osborn makes the villain to become Spider-Man in black costume from the Dark Avengers group. However, his actions are much more of a villain than the hero persona that Spidey identity users should have.

Luckily, Gargan only used that identity for a short time. You see, when it was revealed that the Dark Avengers group contained villains, all of its members were immediately arrested and the Venom symbiote from Gargan’s body was also taken immediately.

3. Otto Octavius
The use of the Spider-Man identity by Otto Ocavius ​​or better known as Doctor Octopus is actually quite unique. It all started when the dying Doctor Octopus transferred his consciousness to Peter Parker’s body. As a result, Doctor Octopus is living his life using the body of Peter Parker.

At first, Doctor Octopus intended to continue Peter’s career as a superhero by using a more sophisticated costume and calling himself Superior Spider-Man. However, the way Doctor Octopus in upholding justice is considered very deviated from the path of a hero because it is full of violence and often injures the public.

As a result of his actions, the image of Spider-Man as a hero is finally damaged. Luckily, Peter Parker managed to take his body back so that the identity does not have the image of a villain.

4. Kraven the Hunter
One more enemy of the Spider-Man who has used the identity of Spider-Man, namely Kraven the Hunter . In the Kraven’s Last Hunt arc , the villain finally managed to defeat Peter Parker by drugging him and burying him in a chest. Kraven then takes advantage of the moment by acting using the Spider-Man’s identity in place of Peter.

Kraven’s version of Spidey also creates a new persona in the community that he is a superhero who fights crime every night in a brutal way. When Peter finally made it out of the chest, Kraven handed back Spidey’s identity to its original owner. However, after that Kraven committed suicide because he felt he had accomplished everything, including tarnishing Spidey’s good name.

5. Bruce Banner
Maybe many of you are more familiar with Bruce Banner as a human form of the Hulk . However, in one of the comic versions, Banner actually had time to use the identity of Spider-Man, you know! In an alternate universe, Peter Parker actually becomes the Hulk due to exposure to Gamma radiation which is the result of Bruce Banner’s experiments.

Banner, who feels guilty about the incident, then tries to find a way to heal Peter. However, in the process Banner was bitten by a radioactive spider which later gave him super powers. This is what then makes Banner act as Spidey.

As the Spider-Man, Banner had joined the Spider-Army alliance to defeat the Inheritors. Unfortunately, Banner died while fighting Daemos who was a member of the Inheritors.

Bonus: Stan Lee
Stan Lee is a Marvel comics legend who has created many characters, including Spider-Man. Interestingly, in the Spider-Geddon #5 (2018) comic, Stan Lee briefly appeared as a cameo wearing a Spider-Man costume.

The story is, Stan Lee is a Spidey variant from one of the universes who joined the Spider-Army to fight the Inheritors. Unfortunately, Stan Lee’s version of Spidey only appears for a moment and doesn’t appear to be fighting.