5 Best Murder Mystery Anime That You Must Watch


Mystery anime is always interesting to watch. Mystery anime always manages to keep the audience from moving from their seats by providing puzzles that are difficult to solve. Mystery anime will also be more tense if the series raises a story about murder.

Exciting, full of mystery, and thrilling, here are five of the best murder-themed mystery anime that you must watch. Curious what anime? Check out the following reviews.


1. Monster
Adapted from the series by Naoki Urasawa and released in 2004, Monster is still the best mystery and psychological anime series ever. Set in Germany in the late 1900s, Monster focuses on a chase game between a neurosurgeon, dr. Kenzou Tenma, and a serial killer, Johan Liebert.

It all started when dr. Tenma decides to save the life of a child named Johan Liebert rather than the life of a mayor. Unexpectedly, his decision turned into a boomerang for dr. Tenma. Because, after nine years have passed, the child he once saved has now grown into a terrible serial killer.

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2. Mouryou no Hako
Mouryou no Hako is an anime series that is quite unique because this anime combines Japanese folklore with serial murder stories. Not only featuring an enigmatic and suspenseful story, this series also has supernatural elements.

Mouryou no Hako focuses on a group of people consisting of crime fiction writers, magazine editors, and magic specialists. They are hired to investigate a serial murder case that befell school girls in Tokyo.


3. Erased
Combining the theme of time travel with a murder mystery, Erased is an anime adapted from the manga series by Kei Sanbe and first released in 2016. This anime tells of Satoru Fujinuma who has the ability to return to a few minutes ago.

One day, after his mother was killed by someone, Satoru was suddenly thrown into the past 18 years, to be exact in 1988. There, Satoru realized that the reason he was thrown into that year was to save his mother by uncovering a serial murder case that occurred in that year.

4. When They Cry
At first glance, When They Cry looks like an anime that tells a school drama. However, in fact, When They Cry is a murder mystery anime with an unusual story. Released in 2006, this anime tells of Keiichi Maebara who has just moved to a small village.

At first glance, life in the village seems calm and peaceful. However, unexpectedly, Keiichi then discovers the dark secret of the village. In recent years, there have been many cases of murder and missing persons taking place in the village.

5. Death Note
Mystery anime fans are certainly no stranger to this anime. Produced by studio Madhouse and first released in 2006, Death Note focuses on the psychological battle between two geniuses, namely Light Yagami and L.

The story begins when a genius student named Light Yagami finds the Death Note, a book that can kill anyone. By using the book, Light has the ambition to create a new world and become God in the new world he created. However, his efforts are not easy as Light has to face off against the best detective in the world, L.


For puzzle lovers, mystery anime is always interesting to watch. Especially if the anime takes the theme of murder so that the series feels even more tense. So, of the five anime above, which ones have you watched?