5 Best K-Pop Songs 2022 TIME Version, IVE to Stray Kids

5 Best K-Pop Songs 2022 TIME Version, IVE to Stray Kids


TIME Magazine recently released a list of the 5 best K-Pop songs released so far during 2022. In the list, there are songs from IVE to Stray Kids.
Here are 5 of TIME’s best K-Pop songs in alphabetical order: zenodo.org/communities/lightyear-ganzerfilm-deutsch/?page=1&size=20

Billie – GingaMingaYo

Billie released the song GingaMingaYo on February 23, 2022 along with their second mini album, The Collective Soul and Unconscious: Chapter One. According to TIME, this song has a funky musical style.

In addition, GingaMingaYo is also called to perfectly celebrate ‘weirdness’ and the expression gingaminga in Korean culture means ‘unbelief’. Billie is considered successful in spreading the spirit through this song.

Devil is the lead single on Changmin’s second mini-album as a solo singer. The song, which was released on January 13, 2022, is considered to have its own charm.

Devil is a remake of a song by Swedish musician Alex Runo, which was released in 2021. Changmin is considered successful in making Devil more attractive through his charming voice.

IVE has been stealing attention since the beginning of its debut. The released songs immediately became trending on a number of Korean charts, including Love Dive which is their latest single.

According to TIME, the strength of the song Love Dive is not only its easy-to-follow melody, but also the charming voices of the members.

LE SSERAFIM – Fearless : zenodo.org/communities/top-gun-2-ganzerfilm-auf-deutsch/?page=1&size=20

LE SSERAFIM is also one of the rookie girl groups whose development is always awaited. His debut song managed to steal attention and was included in the list of the 5 best K-Pop songs according to TIME’s version.

The song, which was released on May 2, 2022, is considered to have an addictive chorus. Likewise, the lyrics of ‘what you lookin at’ keep ringing.

Stray Kids – Maniac

Maniac is the title track of Stray Kids ‘ latest mini album , ODDINARY. It is the sixth mini-album to be released on March 18, 2022: zenodo.org/communities/elvis-2022-ganzerfilm-auf-deutsch/?page=1&size=20

Through Maniac, Stray Kids is said to provide new energy. According to TIME, this song also successfully conveys the message to be yourself without feeling ashamed.