5 Anime Similar to Squid Game, No Less Exciting


The Netflix original series from South Korea, Squid Game , is gaining immense popularity. This series is often a byword on any platform we visit. Presenting an interesting and tense story, it’s no wonder Squid Game is able to steal the attention.

Not only Squid Game , two-dimensional animation from Japan also seems to have many titles with the same theme as the series directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk. If you are looking for other survival game -themed shows , then the series of anime below can be your choice. Anything? Come on, see the reviews!


1. June 1 Taisen
Juuni Taisen is an anime series adapted from a novel by Nisio Isin. This anime aired in 2017 with a total of 12 episodes and a rating of 6.54/10 on MyAnimeList. Even though it didn’t get a high rating on MyAnimeList, there’s nothing wrong with fans of the survival game theme to watch this anime.

Juuni Taisen tells the story of the war between the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, the names of these animals are personified in human form. Once every 12 years, they are required to compete in a deadly game, until only one winner remains.


2. Btooom!
Produced by renowned studio, Madhouse, Btooom! become one of the most popular survival game- themed anime among Japan pop culture enthusiasts . This anime premiered in 2012 and received a rating of 7.34/10 on MyAnimeList.

Btooom! tells the story of a popular online game with the title Btooom! which somehow initially suddenly became real. Some players who love the game are forced to inhabit a remote island without knowing how they got there. The player then assigned to play a deadly game. The game requires players to seize a green crystal from other players in various ways, including killing other players . Winning is the only way they can go home and leave the island.


3. Darwin’s Games
Darwin’s Game is an anime adapted from a manga by a mangaka named FLIPFLOPs. This anime is produced by Nexus studio and aired in 2020. On MyAnimeList Darwin’s Game received a rating of 7.27/10.

This anime tells the story of a mobile game by the name of Darwin’s Game which is currently popular among young people. The main character, Sudou Kaname tries to play the game, but just as he is just registering, a snake suddenly comes out of his cellphone and bites his neck.

Sudou then chose to forget the incident because he thought it was a hallucination. Out of curiosity, Sudou resumed playing Darwin’s Game, but suddenly someone with a mask chased and pointed a knife at him. After battling the stranger, Sudou begins to realize that Darwin’s Game is no ordinary mobile game .

4. Danganronpa
Unique and has an interesting story, Danganronpa is not an ordinary survival game themed anime . The anime series adapted from this game has a concept similar to the Werewolf game, surely you are already familiar with this one game, right?

Danganronpa tells the story of an elite school called Hope’s Peak Academy, only selected students are able to attend school here. At first all the students seem happy and proud because they can be part of the most prestigious school, but all that happiness is gone when they find out that their principal is a bear named Monokuma.

The requirement to graduate from this school is to play a deathmatch whose concept is almost the same as the Werewolf game. One student must play the role of a murderer and kill another student, while another student must guess who the killer of the dead student is. If the other students managed to guess who the killer was, then all students would pass except the killer. Meanwhile, if other students fail to guess who the killer is, then only the killer will pass. Students who fail to graduate from the school will be executed cruelly.

5. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Many anime fans think that Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is the most similar anime series to Squid Game . Even though it is an old school anime, the story of this series itself is still suitable to watch in the current era.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor tells the story of a group of poor people who are offered to attend an event organized by the rich. In that event, a group of people were invited to play four games to compete for a prize money that was very likely to make the participants become suddenly rich.

Without knowing anything, the group of people, including Kaiji Itou the main character was tempted by the offer and decided to participate. Unexpectedly, it turns out that the game that is presented requires players to risk their lives. In this event also Kaiji discovers that human desires are their own enemies, where greed and survival instincts make them do anything to achieve their goals.

The series of anime above might be suitable to watch for those of you who also like the Squid Game series . In addition to presenting stories that are both interesting and tense, anime may also give you a new experience in watching a thriller genre show . So , which title do you want to watch first?