5 Anime Series with Unique Visuals, Different from Others!


The quality of anime design and visuals has indeed grown from year to year. Because of these improvements, fans will have no problem finding anime with visually pleasing visuals these days. The development of this design certainly cannot be separated from technological developments. That’s why, there are many anime that don’t just rely on two-dimensional designs, but also combine them with CGI to get more real results.

Although anime designs have become more realistic, in fact there are still many anime that have designs that are different from most anime. The visuals of the anime series that the author will review this time have designs that are fairly unique in their coloring and style. Curious? Let’s take a look at five anime with the most unique visuals below!


1. Great Pretender
For some viewers, the first impression after watching the Great Pretender anime , apart from the interesting storyline, is of course the design. Having a pop art- style design with quite striking colors, the visuals presented by Great Pretender are indeed quite unique as well as pleasing to the eye.

The original WIT STUDIO anime which tells about the life of an international con artist is indeed more cartoony than realistic. According to Hiro Kaburagi as the director, the preparation of the Great Pretender design apparently used Brian Cook’s Vintage Britain book as a reference.

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2. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
This adventure genre anime has visuals that are no less interesting and unique. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash has a fairly calm design with an art style that looks like a watercolor painting. It’s no wonder that while watching this anime, the visuals presented are indeed pleasing to the eye, especially in the background.

Produced by studio A-1 Picture, this anime is set in a fantasy world called Grimgar. The countryside and forest backgrounds in this anime are indeed beautifully made with different designs from most anime. The design at first glance looks like a concept design. However, who would have thought that with the right coloring, this anime has amazingly beautiful visuals.


3. Toilet Bound Hanako-kun
The next anime that has a unique visual is Toilet Bound Hanako-kun. Besides having an interesting story, this supernatural comedy genre anime is also very popular because the design is quite adorable with a presentation that is almost similar to comics.

While some anime tend to use thin line art , Hanako-kun’s Toilet Bound anime uses thick line art on the edges of the characters to make them stand out even more. The choice of colors in this anime design is no less daring to use bright colors so that the resulting visuals are more satisfying.

4. No Game No Life
Anime No Game No Life is known to many anime fans because of its fun and tactical storyline. Besides being superior in terms of story, this anime also has extraordinary visuals with a fairly unique color selection. Having a design with bright and striking colors, the sensation of watching the No Game No Life anime really makes some viewers quite satisfied.

Anime No Game No Life conveys the concept of the game world very well thanks to the use of bright and prominent neon colors. In addition to the eye – catching color selection , the character designs in this anime are no less interesting, so it’s no wonder that No Game No Life is quite iconic in the minds of the audience.

5. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure
It’s no secret that the design of the Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure anime does look very striking compared to other anime. With the character design that is made so sharp and looks more assertive, many fans like Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure because of its strong impression.

If usually the design of anime characters will be made with minimal lines on the face, on the contrary the character designs in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime actually emphasize everything, from the cheek lines, eyes, to lip lines. Because of this unique design, fans will have no trouble distinguishing this anime from other anime.

Wow, the five anime in the list above do have a unique design, yes. It is certain, even though anime designs are increasingly being developed to appear more real, the unique and out of the box designs as presented by these five anime are still not inferior and will always attract the interest of the audience. In addition to the five anime with unique visuals above, what other anime have visuals that are different from the others? Share your opinion in the comments column, yes!

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