5 Anime Characters Who Keep Rising Even though Almost Losing Strength


Having great power will be very useful for anime characters . With power in their hands, the characters will have the opportunity to protect those around them. However, what would happen, huh, if the power they used to protect this was instead annihilated?

Well, the five anime characters that the writer will review this time have also lost their power, here. However, thanks to their will, effort, persistence, and the help of other characters, these characters are able to rise from crisis conditions and get their strength back.


1. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
In order to defeat Aizen, Ichigo learns the Getsuga Tenshou technique which is strictly prohibited by Zangetsu. Despite being disapproved of by his own Zanpakutou, Ichigo has no other choice as his priority is to defeat Aizen before the Hōgyoku’s power is fully fused with the villain.

The impact of using this forbidden technique, Ichigo’s Reiatsu will gradually weaken and eliminate his Shinigami powers. After the fight against Aizen, Ichigo tries to find a way to remain a Shinigami by becoming a Fullbringer. Due to this, he was framed by another former Shinigami named Ginjo Kujo and once again lost his Fullbring power.

Luckily, Ichigo regains his Shinigami powers as before after Rukia stabs a sword full of Reiatsu unexpectedly against Ginjo.

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2. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
Midoriya almost lost Quirk One For All in the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising . In this film, Midoriya and her friends have to fight Nine, a villain with the power to take on other people’s Quirks like All For One. Instead of being taken by Nine, Midoriya makes a reckless act to inherit the power of One For All to Bakugo.

While being pressed by circumstances, only Bakugo and Midoriya are left to fight Nine. The two of them had realized that their current strength would not be enough to defeat Nine even if they worked together. Midoriya also gives his power to Bakugo in the hope that the power of two One For All will be enough to defeat Nine. As a result, Nine was defeated even though Midoriya and Bakugo were badly injured.

Although Midoriya ultimately regretted his reckless actions, unexpectedly, One For All reacted again in Midoriya’s body so All Might concluded that the One For All transfer process was stopped and canceled just as Bakugo fainted.


3. Togata Mirio (My Hero Academia)
Besides Midoriya, his senior, Togata, also had to lose his Quirk in this anime. In the fight against Kai Chisaki, Togata must fight while protecting a little boy named Eri.

Not only was he overwhelmed against Chisaki, his concentration was even more divided when one of Chisaki’s subordinates also intended to target Eri with a drug that could eliminate Quirk. Because he wanted to protect Eri, Togata was hit by the shot. Even though he had lost his strength, Togata didn’t give up fighting Chisaki. He was still agile enough to launch attacks while avoiding Chisaki’s hand that could destroy him.

After the fight against Chisaki, Togata took time off from all activities and took care of Eri. Given that Eri’s Quirk named Rewind has the ability to return the human body to its previous state, Togata patiently waits for Eri to train her Quirk first. After Eri has mastered her Quirk, Togata’s Quirk will definitely return and she can fight again.


4. Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)
Due to injuries and events in his past, Meliodas sealed his powers in hopes that his demonic powers would not take over him again and go on a rampage. Even though he could say he lost his demonic powers, Meliodas could still be classified as strong enough to take on holy knights. However, it’s different if the opponent is the Ten Commandment who is a high-level demon.

In order to fight against his former comrades, Meliodas goes to the residence of the Druids to re-seal his demonic powers. As a condition, Meliodas must be repeatedly faced with artificial scenarios that show Elizabeth’s death until he manages to contain his anger. After being constantly swallowed by anger, Meliodas finally managed to get his full power back.

5. Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)
Gon uses Adult Mode after feelings of despair and anger overwhelm him. Feeling cheated by Neferpitou who promises to save Kite, Gon finally loses control and fights the Chimera Ant King’s bodyguard. Because of this Adult Mode, Nen Gon’s strength increases many times and he can beat Neferpitou to death instantly.

Due to this fight, Gon loses one arm. His condition was so severe that the doctors couldn’t cure him and he was in danger of not being able to use Nen. Not wanting to lose his friend, Killua asked his younger brother, Alluka, to heal him. Alluka has a hidden power called Nanika that resides in her body. Killua also uses Nanika’s power to make a wish and heal Gon as usual.

Even though they have almost or have lost their strength, the five anime characters above are actually still persistent enough to get their strength back. Perhaps some of them experienced a sense of despair after losing their strength. However, from these five characters, we can learn a lot. If there is a will and effort, what we want will definitely be achieved. What do you think about the series of anime characters above? Come on, share your opinion with other readers in the comments column!