5 2000s Teen Comedy Films That Make You Miss School


Comedy films that are light in nature are indeed suitable to watch while relaxing. The audience does not need to think about or guess the storyline because the plot tends to flow. Especially if you talk about the excitement of being a teenager, some of which may relate to your life.

Adolescence is also synonymous with stories at school. Everyone has an experience at school that is sure to be unforgettable. Sometimes this makes you miss the days of studying. Perhaps these five 2000s teen comedy films set in school can cure your longing.

She’s The Man
She’s The Man is a free adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night . The film, starring Amanda Bynes, tells the story of a girl named Viola who wants to join the school football team. He also pretends to be Viola’s older sister and lives in an all-boys dorm.

Viola’s life as Sebastian is not easy because she is caught in a complicated love triangle. Viola likes her roommate, Duke. Unfortunately, the guy he has a crush on actually likes Olivia who likes him as Sebastian. Viola’s hilarious behavior as Sebastian is also sure to make your stomach churn with his easily digestible humor.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
Georgia Groome’s life is fairly normal until a transfer boy catches her eye. With the help of her three best friends, Georgia tries to get Robbie to turn his back on his popular girlfriend and fall in love with him. Various ways were done, ranging from pretending to lose the cat to practicing kissing with an expert.

The film Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging depicts high school life set in England. Not only romance, this film also contains friendship, especially if you used to make gangs with your friends. Of course, the film that was released in 2008 will make you miss your high school friends.

John Tucker Must Die
John Tucker is known as a playboy who has dated three popular girls at once. Not wanting another victim, the three former Johns together with a new student named Kate make a plan of revenge. The four of them work together to make John lose his popularity so no one else wants to date him.

They used various ways, ranging from spreading false rumors to humiliating John in public. Nothing goes perfectly.

Finally, they also make Kate to be liked by John so that the transfer student can break the school ‘s playboy heart. However, the plan turns into a disaster when Kate slowly develops feelings for John.

Bring it On
Becoming the captain of the cheerleading team has been Torrance Shipman’s dream. Moreover, his team is subscribed to win. Unfortunately, Torrance got into a lot of trouble while serving as captain. It turned out that they had always used stolen choreography because the previous captain had cheated.

Not to mention that some of its members were injured, so they were forced to recruit new members who were less experienced. In fact, the cheerleading match is getting closer. Everything gets worse when Torrance catches his girlfriend cheating on him. Bring it On stars Krssten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, and Jesse Bradford.

Mean Girls
It’s incomplete if you don’t include Mean Girls as a 2000s teen movie that you must watch. Mean Girls is still often used as a reference in modern films. The film, starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, tells the story of the lives of popular high school students who mostly act fake.

Cady Heron is told as a new student who had never previously attended formal school. At first, Cady struggles to make friends until she meets Janis and Damian. However, Cady is trapped in the Plastic gang and likes the former leader of the popular girl gang.

Arguably, nothing beats the romantic comedies of the 2000s. There are so many iconic films that even often become references for today’s films. Out of the five films set in the school above, which number is your favourite?