4 Strong Reasons Why Gojo Satoru Was Sealed


Gojo Satoru is one of the Special-level Jujutsu Magicians and also one of the most powerful characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Well because of this ability in the Shibuya Incident Arc, Gojo was not killed but was sealed by Geto alias Kenjaku. Therefore, this time Dafunda Otaku wants to discuss the reason why Gojo Satoru was sealed.

For those of you who don’t know Geto Sugur, this is a Special level Jujutsu Magician just like Gojo Satoru. However, he died against Yuta Okkotsu and now Geto’s body has been taken over by Kenajaku.

Here’s the Reason Why Gojo Satoru was Sealed
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Fighting Gojo Is a Vain Thing

The first reason is because fighting Gojo is a waste of time. For those of you who follow the Jujutsu Kaisen series, you will know why fighting Gojo is a futile thing.

Because this Gojo has a Limitless Curse technique that is difficult to penetrate. Not only that, he also has Six Eyes which makes him not lose a large amount of Curse Energy.

Kenjaku Doesn’t Want To Fight The Future Six Eyes Heir

The next reason is because Kenjaku doesn’t want to fight the future Six Eyes heir. So Six Eyes is a special inherited technique of the Gojo clan, which means that when Gojo Satoru dies, there will be a new heir.

Not only that, the power of Six Eyes is really strong. It was said that in the past Kenjaku often killed the descendants of the Gojo clan who had not yet reached adulthood. The reason why he sealed Gojo, was because killing was a waste, because the Six Eyes technique would be passed on to a new generation.

So that the cycle of tengen unification with the plasma star container doesn’t happen again

The next reason is so that the cycle of merging Tengen with the Plasma Star container does not repeat itself. So according to the information we got, the heir of Six Eyes will usher in a new vessel to merge with Tengen in each era.

However, due to the appearance of Toji, the cycle is broken so that Tengen’s union with his new container fails miserably. Now because of this, the characteristics of Tengen’s body slowly approach the bodies of the curses.

Well, that’s what Kenjaku is aiming for in order to carry out his plan regarding the evolution of humans. If Kenjaku kills Gojo, the cycle of merging Tengen with a new container will surely repeat itself.

It’s Likely Gojo Satoru Will Develop A New Technique

The last reason was the possibility that Gojo Satoru would develop a new technique. So for those of you who don’t know, Gojo once fought with Toji and because of his mistake Gojo almost died by Toji.

But because of this Gojo managed to learn a new technique and with that technique he was able to completely destroy Toji. So, if Kenjaku is determined to kill Gojo, it’s likely that Gojo will get a new technique and with this new technique, Gojo can eliminate Kenjaku.