4 Recommended Movies and Dramas of Mayu Matsuoka, Queen in Chihayafuru Film


Mayu Matsuoka is a talented Japanese artist . This 1995-born woman has played in famous films such as Shoplifters and the Chihayafuru live action trilogy , you know. Actively starring in films since 2007, of course, Mayu Matsuoka has no doubt about her acting skills. Here are some recommendations for films and dramas starring this Tokyo actress.

Chihayafuru Live Action Trilogy
The first recommendation is of course the live action Chihayafuru . This film is based on the manga by Yuki Suetsugu. Tells about the struggle of a high school student, Chihaya Ayase (Suzu Hirose) in establishing a karuta club with her childhood friend, Taichi Mashima (Shuhei Nomura). Besides that, there is also Arata Wataya (Mackenyu) who is also friends with Chihaya and Taichi. They met at a karuta competition when they were still in elementary school.

This live action was made into 3 film series, the first two films were released in 2018 while the third film was in 2019. Mayu Matsuoka himself plays a legend in the world of karuta, Shinobu Wakamiya. Shinobu is the holder of the Queen title in karuta competition and is the youngest Queen in history! Interested in watching it?

One Night (2019)
One Night is a film with the family drama genre . Tells the story of the Inamura family consisting of a father and mother and their three children. One night the mother, Koharu (Yuko Tanaka), comes home covered in blood and says that she has killed her husband. The abusive nature of the father is behind this murder. Koharu didn’t want her husband to hurt her children further so she decided to kill the man. He also tells his three children, Yuji (Takeru Satoh), Hiroki (Ryohei Suzuki) and Sonoko (Mayu Matsuoka) that they can live in peace and pursue their own dreams.

Koharu also surrendered to the police and was imprisoned for a dozen years. On the 15th anniversary of her husband’s death, she suddenly reappears to both the house and the taxi office, a company owned by the Inamura family. Yuji, Hiroki and Sonoko also gave different responses regarding the return of their mother. Living with the title ‘killer child’ made the three Inamura brothers quite depressed. The film that raises about family relationships is quite difficult to follow. Complex, but fun.

Theater (2020)
The next recommendation is Theater . The film with the original title Gekijou takes the theme of romance between a playwright and a theater actress. Nagata (Kento Yamazaki) is a writer and director of a less fortunate drama. He more often faced failure as a writer so that he fell into poverty. One day he meets Saki (Mayu Matsuoka), a fashion major who dreams of becoming a theater actress. The two became acquainted and eventually started dating. Nagata who was unable to support himself then moved and lived in his girlfriend’s apartment. This is where the toxicity comes fromThis guy looks like he’s being rude and doesn’t want to take part in the apartment rental or monthly bill .

The story of Nagata and Saki in this Theater film shows how a sincere woman must deal with a man who does not know manners. However, this film has a lot of messages, especially for young people. Spoiler alert , there is a little plot twist at the end of the film!

Shoplifters (2018)
Another family drama -themed film starring Mayu Matsuoka is Shoplifters . Released in 2018, this film has won various awards internationally, you know. It was even selected to be screened at the Cannes film festival in 2018. Shoplifters tells the story of the underprivileged Shibata family. Living in a small and cramped house, husband and wife Shibata (Lily Franky and Ando Sakura) have to share with three other people, namely Aki (Mayu Matsuoka) a girl who works at a hostess club , Shota (Jyo Kairi) a boy and grandmother. Hatsue (Kiki Kirin).

The father, Osamu, used to do shoplifting or steal things for their household needs with his son Shota. One day they came across a scared girl. The child was a victim of domestic violence and they decided to adopt him. But the child’s parents did not know this, so it could be said that Osamu kidnapped the girl and hid her in his house.

Some of these Mayu Matsuoka films and dramas can be added to your watch list. So which one are you interested in watching first?