4 Players Who Shouldn’t Play At Barcelona Anymore: Quality Responsibilities, Salary Makes Stupid


4 Players Who Shouldn’t Play At Barcelona Anymore: Quality Responsibilities, Salary Makes Stupid

Barcelona can be said to be the most surprising club in the transfer market this summer. Not only did he lose Lionel Messi because of La Liga’s financial problems, but he also had to endure the last day of a chaotic transfer market.

With the transfer window closed and only four months away from opening, Barcelona must be content with their current squad. At least for the first half of the 2021/2022 season.

Barcelona underwent many personnel changes. First with the presence of many new players, such as Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia, Emerson Royal, and Memphis Depay who came with a combined value of only 9 million euros.

However, economic limitations made the situation even worse. Barcelona even had to part with Ilaix Moriba and Francisco Trincao. However, things got worse when Atletico Madrid officially confirmed the loan of Antoine Griezmann from Barcelona.

Barcelona seemed confused by test after test that came. After a disappointing transfer market, Barcelona must focus on the current season while closing its wounds. There is no more room for error and Barcelona has to be smart in choosing the first team.

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With that in mind, there are four players who, in fact, or ideally, shouldn’t play for Barcelona anymore.

Samuel umtiti
Samuel Umtiti is probably now the least wanted player by Barcelona at the moment. He was once a highly ranked defender and a mainstay in the Barcelona first team.

However, that reputation has now taken a nosedive due to recurring injuries. In addition, the French center-back seems to make mistakes every time he is trusted to play on the gridiron lately.

However, with so many mediocre defenders on the line-up, his failure at the back is not a major concern for Barcelona. The Catalan team still has a good central defender despite ignoring Umtiti.

On the other hand, his large salary will be the main factor that will slowly make the club slump. Umtiti has an extraordinary salary than the actual performance value. With a market value of 8 million euros and an annual salary of 13 million euros, the French player will continue to tear Barcelona’s wallet.

With six central defenders in the first team, Barcelona has more than enough depth for the heart of the defense. However, with decent quality.

However, adding a seventh defender is easier said than done given the club’s finances.

However, with Barcelona’s defensive problems due to injury and accumulation, Samuel Umtiti can still be a candidate for the central defender position this season.

It comes as a surprise to this list considering that Neto has been a worthy back-up for Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The Brazilian goalkeeper was bought at a fairly expensive price, 26 million euros from Valencia. Since then, he has kept just seven clean sheets in 19 appearances for Barcelona. However, Neto never played again for Barcelona and that would benefit all parties.

At the age of 32, the former Juventus goalkeeper is thought to be in his prime, the best of which he has spent on the Barcelona bench. The more time he spent in the wilderness, the greater the current market value.

Neto remains an asset that Barcelona can sell and has the quality to make a decent amount of money. Considering Barcelona’s current financial difficulties, selling a valuable asset with a record of only 1,740 minutes in two years should be a no-brainer.

Miralem Pjanic
Instead of realizing the dream of joining Barcelona in the summer of 2020, the Bosnian now seems to be living a nightmare in his career.

His ability in midfield which proved good at Juventus before joining Barcelona ​​is now no longer visible. Minutes to play or the opportunity to play from Ronald Koeman was the main cause of the destruction of Pjanic’s journey in his inaugural season at Camp Nou.

Arguably, Miralem Pjanic was without a goal contribution in his debut season with Barcelona last season. With only 30 appearances and only five full 90 minutes, it is clear that Barcelona’s problems cannot be blamed on the Bosnian.

Barcelona’s failure to be able to provide playing minutes for Pjanic made this transfer feel awkward. Pjanic also wanted to return to Juventus but failed because Juventus no longer wanted him.

Together with Barcelona, ​​the 31-year-old player has also received a salary cut of up to 60 percent. However, fortunately, the player was still able to save his career by joining the Turkish club Besiktas.

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