4 Most Anticipated Red Velvet Songs at Allo Bank Festival 2022


Red Velvet will perform at the Allo Bank Festival 2022 Day 2 which will be held on Saturday (21/5/2022) night at Istora Senayan. This event will be broadcast live streaming also on detikcom. Are you ready to watch Irene cs?
Throughout his career in the K-Pop music industry, Red Velvet has released many hit songs. However, there are some songs that are worth waiting for to be performed live at the Allo Bank Festival 2022. Here are some of them:

1. Feel My Rhythm

Feel My Rhythm is the newest song released by Red Velvet on March 21, 2022. This is the main track from the album The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm. This Red Velvet signature song combines the sounds of classical music and will be fun to watch live.
Given that this is the last track that Red Velvet has released , it’s highly likely that they will be performing it on stage. If true, then this will be Feel My Rhythm’s first stage in Indonesia.

2. Psycho

Psycho is one of Red Velvet’s popular songs that ranks high on the chart. This song was the last they promoted in 2019 and was taken from the album The ReVe Festival: Finale. The addictive melody combined with pop, trap, and future bass nuances, this song will surely make Istora Senayan even more lively.

3. Queendom

Queendom was released by Red Velvet in August 2021. This dance song with a refreshing atmosphere is the dish that we have been waiting for after Red Velvet’s hiatus for almost two years!

4. Oath Oath

Umpah Umpah is one of the tracks on the album The ReVe Festival: Day 2. This relaxing summer song is easy to follow and sing together with Reveluv!

The 2022 Allo Bank Festival is Red Velvet’s first time appearing again at an offline event. Previously they had been one of the performers in a joint concert at ICE BSD at the end of 2019. Red Velvet has now arrived in Jakarta. Their plane landed at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Friday (20/5/2022) night.