4 Moral Messages from Tick, Tick.. Boom!, 2022 Oscar Nominee


Tick, tick.. Boom! is a musical biographical film directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. This Netflix film focuses on the career journey of a musical show composer named Jonathan Larson (Andrew Garfield).

At the age of 30, Jon, who was still working as a waitress in a New York restaurant, aspired to become the greatest musical composer in America. He hopes that someday his work will be successfully displayed in Broadway musicals.

The film, which presents the performance of the musical performance of the players who are stunning with the delivery of a story that is so warm, entertaining, and touching the heart has successfully won many awards, including nominations for Academy Awards or Oscar 2022 in two categories, namely Best Film Editing (Myron Kerstein, Andrew Weisblum ) and Best Actor ( Andrew Garfield).

Besides entertaining, Tick, Tick.. Boom! also has many valuable moral messages that we can take and inspire our lives.

Never underestimate other people’s dreams
Everyone has their own dreams that are different from one another. Just because we think other people’s dreams are different from ours, doesn’t mean we can underestimate or demean their dreams.

Appreciate what other people dream because it is very valuable to them. We also never know what the goals are and how the struggles that other people have gone through to achieve their dreams.

It’s never too late to find your passion
Never be afraid or feel late in finding your passion and pursuing your dreams. Know that age is not a benchmark or benchmark in achieving success. Everyone has their own timeline .

Learning from Jonathan Larson’s career in the film Tick, Tick.. Boom!, he had time to feel late from other people’s success because he felt he was not young. However, he continued to struggle to produce a work that eventually succeeded in appearing in a Broadway musical and is still in demand by many people today.

Don’t compare your success with others
Never feel jealous and compare your success with others. Although there are times when you feel like you want to immediately achieve success like other people, especially those who have been successful before us.

Believe me, everyone is different and has their own opportunities. Enjoy the process and try to be grateful for your own achievements. You don’t need to compare with other people’s achievements.

Make good use of the time you have
Time is always running and can not be repeated. Therefore, time is very valuable and don’t waste the time we have with useless activities. Use the time to do useful activities.

Learning from Jonathan Larson’s struggles in the film Tick, Tick.. Boom!, he was pressed by time to produce work in a short time. Unexpectedly, Jon managed to make the most of the time he had and produce the best work to be displayed.

From the movie Tick, Tick.. Boom! , we can learn that Jonathan Larson’s success cannot be separated from the role of friends, lovers, and friends who are always there.

Not only entertaining and fun, Tick, Tick.. Boom! also has a valuable and inspirational lesson message. It’s no wonder that this film has won various awards, including a 2022 Oscar nomination.