4 Long-awaited Netflix Series Ready to Air this Month


Streaming during the pandemic is now a new way to enjoy life. Yes, streaming has become a joy for Netflix’s 209 million subscribers worldwide during the pandemic.

Even though you are physically separated from people, when you talk about your favorite series, it’s still a fun chat when you meet virtually. Well, this month there are four series that are most eagerly awaited, as quoted by the Forbes page :


This 10-episode series tells the story of the struggle of a single mother who survives with her daughter from a toxic family.

Starring Margaret Qualley who plays Alex, forced to run away with her little daughter, Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whiyyet) and live on the streets.

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In this series, apart from being a single mother, Alex is actually a smart and educated woman. He became homeless after leaving the house full of torture.

Alex lives in a shelter and works as a janitor to survive with his son. She must also try to seize custody of her child from her husband. This emotional series will premiere October 1, 2021.

Pretty Smart

90s kids will remember Emily Osment, one of the cast of Spy Kids and Hannah Montana. Yes, Osment will be the main character in the Pretty Smart series.

This comedy genre series will tell about an intellectual girl who graduated from Harvard who dreams of becoming a novelist. After being dumped by her lover, she is forced to move house with her sister.

Together with three of his roommates, Chelsea had to adapt to the new people. This is where an unusual ‘family’ will be formed. Curious? Watch it air on October 8, 2021.

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For fans of this series, you certainly can’t wait to see the continuation of Joe (Penn Badgley) after marrying his girlfriend, Love (Victoria Pedretti) who is pregnant.

They moved to a wealthy family neighborhood, in Los Angeles. In this third season, Joe must commit to being a father and husband and baby, while dealing with his wife’s emotional jealousy.

In addition, Joe also has to face his ‘habits’ of falling in love with other women. As a result, getting them back into serious trouble. The series will premiere October 15, 2021.

Colin in Black & White

This is the latest limited drama series directed by Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay. The series explores his high school days and Kaepernick’s experiences that made him an activist.

Yes, Kaepernick had to face a life of racism, status, and culture because he lived as a black child who was adopted by a white family.

In the midst of forging SARA, Kaepernick also managed to survive and become a cultural icon to reach the highest level of success in American football as an NFL quarterback.

The Colin In Black & White series will air on October 29, 2021. Well, for those of you who are ready to watch the series, you can watch it directly through the streaming platform. So that watching is not interrupted and can be watched anytime and anywhere, make sure you rely on the best internet quality, okay!

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