4 Life Messages of KDrama My Name, The Value of Han So Hee’s Revenge Journey


The drama My Name has become a hot topic of conversation since it aired on Netflix on Friday (10/15/2021). This series is in the spotlight because it features a rising actress, Han So Hee in a different role than before. Here, she becomes a fighting girl named Yoon Ji Woo who has a strong ambition to avenge her father’s death.

In addition to the fresh appearance presented by So Hee, the drama My Name also conveys a number of messages both express and implied for its audience. So Hee’s life journey from adolescence to adulthood to find her father’s killer delivers a number of life values ​​for the audience.


1. Perseverance will pay off. Believe me!
One of the strengths of Yoon Ji Woo’s figure is perseverance. At the beginning of the drama, she was portrayed as a young girl who came to the Dongcheon training center without being well-equipped. Her petite body stands out in contrast to the other trainees. Several times, Ji Woo was also bullied by other trainees.

However, the suppression and the difference in body size did not discourage him. With the help of knowledge and direction from Choi Mu Jin, Ji Woo continues to practice diligently. While the other participants were sleeping, the girl chose to keep hitting the bag while imagining she was beating her father’s killer.

Ji Woo’s persistence has paid off. He won the battle against all the trainees who were more senior than him. In fact, he beat Do Gang Jae, one of the mainstay participants at the gym!


2. Don’t underestimate someone because of their gender
The image of gender bias in society is quite thick in the drama My Name . Ji Woo as a woman several times gets slanted views on various occasions just because she is a woman. In fact, being a woman does not reduce her competence as a human being.

Ji Woo’s first and most painful discrimination was when he was at the Dongcheon training center. The other participants underestimated Ji Woo because he was a woman. Some people also refer to it as a “snack” which has a negative connotation. Unmitigated, Ji Woo also gets sexual assault and violence from Do Gang Jae!

After entering the police force and changing his identity to Oh Hye Jin, Ji Woo is again belittled because he is a woman. However, Detective Oh manages to prove his strength and competence as a police officer when he enters Mango’s headquarters to find a new type of drug.


3. Revenge is an endless vicious circle
The main premise of this drama is revenge. Ji Woo’s only purpose in life is to avenge his father’s death by hunting down the killer. But who would have thought, the revenge created would lead to a new grudge on the other side. So it goes on without end.

If sorted, Mu Jin originally killed Ji Woo’s father out of revenge having been betrayed. Finally, Ji Woo takes revenge and looks for the killer of his father. On the other hand, Cha Gi Ho also wants revenge for the death of his favorite subordinate, who is none other than Ji Woo’s father. As it turns out, Gi Ho is in danger of dying. Ji Woo, who is fighting for revenge, cannot be separated from the threat of death when he finds out the reality behind his father’s death.

Another example, Gang Jae has a grudge against Ji Woo and Dongcheon for being dumped. He also wants to destroy Dongcheon. What happened was the opposite. He died at the hands of Ji Woo, without being able to avenge him.

If you look further, do you think Mu Jin and Gang Jae’s followers will just stand by watching their leader die? If revenge must continue to be avenged, how long will the vicious circle stop?

Ji Woo actually already realized the negative impact of this lust for revenge. He will turn into a bloodthirsty monster. Hatred will eat away at his life. However, the rising anger makes Ji Woo darken his eyes and still pays his revenge.

4. Melt hard people with gentleness
Ji Woo and Mu Jin have similarities in that they are both tough. Both of them can melt with tenderness of heart. This drama shows that no matter how hard a person is, he will submit to gentleness.

One scene that illustrates this figure of speech is when Ji Woo gives a drinking bottle filled with chamomile tea. At first, Mu Jin was quite clumsy to receive such little attention. Apparently, he still brought the tea to his headquarters. Mu Jin is so angry with Ji Woo that he plans to give her a dream house as a place to escape.

The gentleness that melts hearts as hard as stone is also bestowed by Pil Do. Slowly, he entered Ji Woo’s heart. He positioned himself as someone who could understand the woman’s feelings and not judge her. With the caution that Pil Do showed, Ji Woo did as he said.