4 Clubs AC Milan Should Watch Out For If You Don’t Want To Lose The Chances Of Winning Serie A


As many as four clubs can tackle AC Milan’s pace in winning the Italian League title this season, who are they?

Italy’s highest caste football competition, Serie A for the 2021/2022 season, doesn’t feel like there are only seven games left, which makes the competition for the title even more fierce.

That means there are three top teams involved in winning the Italian League scudetto this season, namely AC Milan, Napoli and Inter Milan.

AC Milan topped the Italian League standings with a collection of 67 points from 31 matches. But they failed to widen the distance with their closest competitor, Napoli.

Napoli is currently in second place with a collection of 66 points from 31 matches.

AC Milan’s failure to stay away from Napoli could not be separated from the negative results it achieved in the 31st week against Bologna.

Rossoneri can only draw 0-0 against mid-table teams. While Napoli, managed to cut the distance with AC Milan thanks to a 3-1 victory over Atalanta.

The distance of one point makes AC Milan afraid that their chances of winning could disappear at the end of the season because it is likely to be tripped by Napoli.

Meanwhile, Inter Milan tried to peek at the opportunity to damage the competition between AC Milan and Napoli in winning the Italian League title this season.

Currently Inter Milan is in third place with 63 points from 31 matches.

With seven games remaining, Inter Milan still has hope of becoming the king of Serie A.

Given the very slim points advantage, AC Milan needs to be careful in dealing with the remaining seven games this season.

Because there are several clubs that could have tackled him. Which club is it? Here, INDOSPORT tries to review the clubs that AC Milan should be wary of.

Lazio (Week 34)
AC Milan is predicted to still be able to gain points in the next two Italian League matches in Week 32 and Week 33, because they only face middle and bottom clubs.

On paper AC Milan should be able to get three points over Torino who is in 11th place and Genoa in 19th position.

But entering the 34th week and the next will be a tough test for AC Milan. Because they will face a number of top clubs.

It starts with a trip to Lazio’s headquarters, which currently occupies fifth position in the Italian Serie A standings table.

Lazio certainly has the opportunity to tackle AC Milan. In the last meeting between the two clubs at the Olimpico in April 2021, Stefano Pioli’s team lost 0-3.

Lazio will also definitely try to get full points in order to maintain their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next season, so they are ready to perform optimally.

Fiorentina (Week 35)

After Lazio, AC Milan will again face off against a tough match in Week 35, namely Fiorentina, who is currently in eighth position in the Italian League standings.

In the last 10 meetings between the two clubs, AC Milan was beaten by Fiorentina 3 times. That includes Fiorentina’s 4-3 win over Milan in the first half of the 2021/2022 season.

Fiorentina is currently also still likely to qualify for Europe next season. So, La Viola will definitely fight tooth and nail in the rest of this season.

Including not going to give up easily against AC Milan in the fight for three important points for both teams.

Atalanta (Week 37)
Entering the crucial weeks to determine AC Milan’s championship this season, they are increasingly faced with difficult teams, including those in Week 37 which will face Atalanta.

Atalanta is currently in seventh place. A great opportunity to still fight for the European zone tickets next season, so the motivation of the Atalanta players to win three points against AC Milan later.

In addition, the last 10 meetings between the two clubs were also evenly matched, where Milan and Atalanta won 3 times each.

In fact, Milan has not been able to beat Atalanta at the San Siro for a long time, the last time AC Milan was able to beat Atalanta at home was in 2014.

Sassuolo (Week 38)

AC Milan’s closing party in the Italian Serie A this season will face Sassuolo in Week 38.

This match could not be important for AC Milan if they are able to ensure the Italian League title in week 37.

But it will be crucial if they don’t lock the title in the previous weeks, so it must be decided at the end of the season.

The reason is, Sassuolo is also a club that has proven to be able to make it difficult for the Rossoneri.

When the two clubs met at the San Siro in the first half of the season, AC Milan lost to Sassuolo, 1-3.

Therefore, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and colleagues must be able to ensure the title in week 36 or 37.

If you don’t want to be made miserable by Sassuolo at the end of the season, let alone AC Milan’s match against Sassuolo will be held at the opponent’s headquarters.

So far, AC Milan has a great chance of winning the 2021/2022 Italian League Serie A. If successful, this title will be their 19th Scudetto of all timeclub history.