4 Asia Talent Cup Races to be Held at Mandalika Circuit, Indonesian Racers are Optimistic


After being delayed last week, the third and fourth rounds (4 races at once) of the 2021 Asia Talent Cup event which racing fans all over Indonesia have been waiting for will be held in one weekend at the same time at the Mandalika Circuit , Lombok, throughout this weekend.

The 2021 ATC race can be watched via live streaming on the official Asia Talent Cup Youtube channel. A total of six Indonesian racers fostered by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) are increasingly eager to show off to bring the name of the nation to the fore at the Mandalika Circuit.

The six racers are Fadillah Arbi Aditama (16 years), Herlian Dandi (15), Azryan Dheyo (16), Herjun Atna Firdaus (17), will be accompanied by two wild card racers who graduated from Astra Honda Racing School, Veda Ega Pratama (12) and Reykat Yusuf Fadillah (13).

They stated that they were ready to give their best during the four races, in front of the public themselves, for the sake of making the name of the Indonesian nation proud.

Arbi, a racer born in Purworejo, Central Java, expressed his readiness to devour every session and race this weekend. He tried to take advantage of the limited time to explore the character of the Mandalika Circuit during free practice and last week’s qualifying.

“This race will feel different. Apart from getting direct support from the audience from their own country, the Mandalika circuit also has a challenging track character to conquer. My focus is that the time achievement can increase again in the race,” he said.

Hope to Ride the Podium
Azryan Dheyo’s point of view about the last round in Mandalika is different from Arbi’s. He wants to continue to improve his racing performances to achieve the best time.

“All current drivers are the same, this is the first time they experience the Mandalika Circuit .

Meanwhile, in this weekend’s race, Herjun Atna Firdaus said he was ready to make achievements with other AHM coached drivers. The young man from Pati, Central Java, remains focused on the target.

“I will use the knowledge of the Mandalika circuit last week as a benchmark to be able to improve even more. My target has not changed, I want to be the first Indonesian racer to climb the podium at the Mandalika Circuit. I feel I am very ready and focused to race as the host. Please pray for me Indonesian people,” said Herjun.

Lower 12 and 13 Years Racers
The appearance of two wildcard racers who were only 12 and 13 years old, namely Veda and Reykat, also attracted special attention.

Both appeared quite promising during the free practice and qualifying sessions last week, and were able to compete with other riders who have experience in this Asian level race.

Reykat and Veda were so confident despite being newcomers and tasting the Honda NSF250R at Mandalika. Not only the aura of competition which is quite high level, the experience of racing at ATC 2021 is ready to be used as a provision to improve abilities.

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Race Schedule at Mandalika Circuit This Weekend: Asia Talent Cup, Continues World Superbike

Toprak Razgatlioglu and Jonathan Rea will compete for the status of the 2021 World Superbike world champion in the final series which takes place at the Mandalika Circuit , Lombok, this weekend.

Now heading to the race at the Mandalika Circuit , Razgatlioglu who rides a Yamaha motorcycle is 30 points ahead of Rea who incidentally strengthens Kawasaki.

The strengths of Toprak Razgatlioglu and Jonathan Rea tend to be balanced throughout the 2021 World Superbike. Both have 28 podiums.

Not only World Superbike, there are two classes with the status of supporting races that also take place at the Mandalika Circuit. The two are the World Supersport and the Asia Talent Cup.

In these two classes, Indonesia will even lower racers. From World Supersport there is the name Galang Hendra Pratama.

As for the Asia Talent Cup, PT Astra Honda Motor has confirmed that it will send six of their fostered drivers to become local heroes.

Let’s scroll down to see the complete schedule for the last series of World Superbike races at the Mandalika Circuit .

Schedule of Race Series at Mandalika Circuit
Friday, November 19, 2021

09.15 WIB Asia Talent Cup FP1
10.00 WIB World Supersport FP1
11.00 WIB World Superbike FP1
13.15 WIB Asia Talent Cup FP2
14.00 WIB World Supersport FP2
15.00 WIB World Superbike FP2
16.00 WIB Asia Talent Cup Race 1
Saturday, November 20, 2021

09.00 WIB World Superbike FP3
09.40 WIB Asia Talent Cup Qualification
10.25 WIB World Supersport Superpole
11.10 WIB World Superbike Superpole
12.00 WIB Asia Talent Cup Race 2
13.30 WIB World Supersport Race 1
14.05 WIB Pit Walk
15.00 WIB World Superbike Race 1
16.30 WIB Asia Talent Cup Race 3
Sunday, November 21, 2021

09.00 WIB World Superbike Warm Up
09.25 WIB World Supersport Warm Up
11.00 WIB World Superbike Superpole Race
12.00 WIB Asia Talent Cup Race 4
13.30 WIB World Supersport Race 2
14.05 WIB Pit Walk
15.00 WIB World Superbike Race 2