365 Days This Day Part 2, Erotic Drama Movie Synopsis Airs on Netflix


After successfully becoming the most popular Movie on Netflix in part 1, finally the Movie 365 Days : This Day (part 2) has been released on Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Sinopsis 365 Days: This Day

The Movie starts right away with a hot scene between Laura and Massimo on her wedding day.

It turned out that in the previous episode Laura-Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) was able to survive the incident of an attack against Don Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) in the tunnel.

Then Laura decides to stay with Massimo , and continue his relationship to the marriage ark
because he thinks Massimo has succeeded in making Laura fall in love.

At that time Laura and Massimo’s relationship became even closer, and did not escape sexual relations that were almost all the time and very intimate.

Although Laura and Massimo’s intimacy is very close, Laura feels that her life is very boring and constrained to be a mafia wife, because Laura is limited to carrying out her activities like normal humans in general.

When Laura is alone in the garden area near her house, Laura meets a new gardener and attracts Laura ‘s attention , his name is Nacho (Simon Sussina).

Laura also had time to chat and confide in Nacho about her boredom as a mafia wife.

Although Laura is bored with her life as a mafia wife, Laura is still trying to restore the old intimacy by heating up the game in her bed.

When Laura asked about Massimo’s family , Massimo replied that he had a younger brother, but Massimo was reluctant to tell Laura about his sister and immediately left Laura from his bed, and Laura ‘s suspicions grew even more towards Massimo .

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Later, Laura and Massimo attend the dance, but Massimo is again busy with his partner, and Laura feels lonely in the crowd.

When laura was watching Massimo with another woman, Massimo and his girlfriend moved behind, Laura followed him and unexpectedly it turned out that Massimo and the woman were having sex in front of Laura clearly.

Laura , who was heartbroken to see the incident, immediately rushed home, and when outside Laura met Nacho.

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Nacho managed to calm Laura down and took her to her home on the island, Laura decided to run away and never return to Massimo .

The story continues, because they feel comfortable with Nacho and Laura falls in love with nachos, they immediately have sex.

Long story short , Laura ‘s mother found out that her son had left Massimo , and immediately cursed Massimo .

Massimo felt strange because there was a problem as to why Laura left Massimo .

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At the end of the story, it turns out that the mastermind behind Laura ‘s departure from Masimmo is none other than Massimo ‘s twin brother , Adriano Toracelli.

his twin brother had a grudge against Massimo and his father for abandoning him. The scenario he made at the dance, what Laura saw when Massimo had sex with another woman was not Massimo but his twin sister Adriana Torecelli.