3 Tips for Choosing a Perfume that Fits Your Character


Wearing perfume can increase one’s self-confidence. The smell of perfume used can certainly be an identity, as well as expressing one’s self. Usually someone will choose a perfume that reflects their character.

In welcoming the new year 2023, you can just look for a fragrance that shows your signature. Perfume can be a complementary touch that makes you look more confident. Keeping that in mind, you also need to know in advance the types of perfume that are suitable before deciding to use them.

Here are some tips that can be used as a reference to help you find a suitable scent according to the activity you are doing, quoting Shopee’s press statement received in Jakarta, Thursday 12 January 2023.

1. Citrus perfume for those of you who want to stay fresh all day long

For daily activities such as school or work, you should choose a perfume with a refreshing scent like citrus to increase energy and mood and give a cheerful feel. If you want to add a feminine impression, you can also use citrus perfume combined with light floral notes.

If you need a long lasting perfume coupled with high mobility, you can also choose a perfume with an EDT type with a level of 5-15 percent.

2. Want to create a romantic impression ? Use gourmand perfume for date night

To leave a feminine, sweet, and memorable impression, you can use a perfume with a gourmand scent, which is a fragrance that comes from foods such as vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and so on.

Not only are their aromas alluring and delicious like desserts, gourmand perfumes also tend to have a stronger sillage, projection and longevity (SPL). That way the fragrance that emits will last longer, can be smelled from a distance, and still leaves traces even after you have left the room.

3. Appear more stunning at formal events with elegant floral and woody scents

When attending formal and official events, of course you want to give the best impression by creating an elegant and graceful persona. For that, you can choose a perfume with classic floral notes such as lily of the valley, jasmine, and rose.

If you feel that floral scents are too ordinary, you can also experiment using layering techniques or combining two different perfumes to create a new fragrance, in order to create a signature scent that is distinctive and out of the ordinary.

There are no fixed rules in layering perfume. However, you should mix two perfumes with different scents, such as floral and woody, to get a completely new and unique scent .