3 Theories Why Michael Carrick chose to leave Manchester United, which one is correct?


Former Manchester United player , Paul Ince has three theories about the reason Michael Carrick decided to leave the Red Devils.

Previously, Carrick surprisingly resigned from Manchester United after the duel against Arsenal at Old Trafford in the 14th week of the Premier League last week.

Carrick was appointed caretaker after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked. Carrick also led the United squad in three games, with two wins and a draw.

First Theory
When announcing his retirement, Carrick said the main reason was loyalty to the previously sacked Solskjaer. However, now Ince has a different assessment.

“I look at these three ways. I’ve managed many teams. I always take Alex Rae with me who is my number two, my best friend and a top coach,” Ince told the Mirror.

“But he always said ‘No, if you leave, I go’ purely out of loyalty. I am forever grateful for that. and gave me a new contract so it was always in his mind? that he would leave if Ole did. It was one of the options,” Ince explained.

Second Theory
Ince also continued his presentation with the second theory. In this theory, Ince says that Carrick wants to return to being Solskjaer’s assistant at another club.

“The second option is suppose that at the end of the day Solskjaer wants to go back to coaching the club, whether that’s in the Championship or another country,” said Ince.

“If that’s the case then Carrick could join Ole again as his number two.”

Third Theory
Furthermore, Ince said the third theory was because Carrick felt he could become his own manager and now intends to find work at another club.

“The third option is he might feel it. He did really well in those three games. Don’t get carried away, but it was three important games. Villarreal, who they need to win, drew against Chelsea and beat Arsenal. It was a tough three games. , said Ince.

I don’t want to work under someone, I want to find my job and stand on my own feet out there.